MODEX 2024: Extending the Spectrum of Supply Chain

From warehouse racking and electric material handling vehicles to robot dogs and software solutions, the name of this year's theme seemed truly fitting— MODEX 2024 was full spectrum.


MHI's MODEX event for 2024 hosted over 1,175 manufacturers and supply chain suppliers, and me. 

Over the course of 4 days, and thousands upon thousands of steps, I toured through new innovative products and heard from thought leaders during discussion tracks that brought perspective to all the spaces of the nuanced supply chain. 

Ken Ramoutar, chief marketing officer at Lucas Systems, lead one such discussion on leveraging gamification for workforce engagement. Lucas and Wakefield Research surveyed 750 warehouse workers and supervisors, uncovering their thoughts on gamification's role in shaping workplace culture and boosting engagement. With this information, Ramoutar explained how an approach through gamification can improve the warehouse by creating dialogue in the workforce and challenging each other to help build morale, increase productivity and breathe new life to the warehouse sector. 

Image (2)OTTO Motors showcased their most recent advancements and, in an on-site interview, Matt Rendall, CEO and co-founder at OTTO Motors, powered by Rockwell Automation, explained his journey through robotics and the importance of recognition in the supply chain, specifically through the 2024 Pros to Know award.

And speaking of the award, Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics hosted an after-show event celebrating current and past winners of the Pros to Know and Rockstars of the Supply Chain awards. With photo bubbles in tow, attendees took selfies and collaborated in telling conversations that showcased their true expertise and knowledge in the industry. 

When I say MODEX had it all— it had it all. A stop by UgoWork gave me a glimpse at the intelligent software behind the management of battery life and energy consumption for industrial fleets that remains imperative to keep workflows efficient. At Frazier Industrial Company, a press event gave insight into the importance of quality customer service as Diane Domingues, VP, marketing and customer service, at Frazier, described the feat of prioritizing customer-centricity that lends to positive brand recognition. 

Image 3 65fc8e9d3449bIf I gave you a rundown of all the places and faces I saw at MODEX this article would be nearly as long as the walk from one section of the Atlanta conference center to another, but after all the talking and walking, MHI's Industry Night proved to be a relief from the bustle with tons of laughs as Colin Jost lit up the room through self-deprecating supply chain jokes and continued the networking opportunities that have expanded my own industry connections. From warehouse racking and electric material handling vehicles to robot dogs and software solutions, the name of this year's theme seemed truly fitting—   MODEX 2024 was full spectrum. And what will ProMat bring next year? You'll have to stay tuned to find out.