Logistics Executive Group & BRICKLOG Form Alliance to Boost Capabilities and Expand Global Reach

The strategic relationship will provide BRICKLOG with increased capability and reach into the Asia Pacific, Middle East, India, and Africa markets for its largely European based customers.

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Germany’s The BRICKLOG Group and Australian & United Arab Emirates headquartered Logistics Executive Group are pleased to announce the signing of a strategic alliance to provide an enhanced range of logistics and supply chain focused Corporate Advisory, Management Consulting, M&A, and Executive Search services.

The strategic relationship will provide BRICKLOG with increased capability and reach into the Asia Pacific, Middle East, India, and Africa markets for its largely European based customers.

The partnership signals an important move for Logistics Executive Group having previously withdrawn its Netherland office in 2008 and serving the European region from its regional HQ in the UAE. The new relationship will provide Logistics Executive Group with a presence in Europe and on-ground capability in which to support its global customers.

Both BRICKLOG and Logistics Executive Group are recognised as leaders in their respective markets and in joining forces, the combined resources of both organisations will ensure enhanced service provisions in which to create greater value to their extensive MNC, SME, and Government entity customers.

“With this cooperation, we have closed a large gap, because the markets we are targeting in ASIA PACIFIC and Middle East & Africa is generally very important territory for decision-makers, especially in German logistics companies. Providing local market knowledge, the network, local project know-how, and premium consulting services and talent in the market to our customers is now much easier and more professional, says Thomas Kistner, Founder and Managing Partner of BRICKLOG.

Kim Winter, Founder, and CEO of LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE GROUP noted that “the combined resources and expertise of both enterprises have obvious synergies including supporting the Corporate Advisory, Consulting, M&A and Executive Search portfolios. Expanding our geographic reach will allow us to strengthen relationships with many of our pan-national customers and serve their European needs.

“Central to the success of signing this partnership has been more than 22 years of cooperative relationships, and an alignment of the leadership groups to an ethos of total customer focus,” said Mr. Winter.

He went on to say “with more than 100 years combined senior executive experience between the owners and a dedicated team of recognised industry specialists, we have been able to offer an unmatched source of hands-on corporate experience to the markets in which we are represented. Our long-term customer relationships have placed us in good stead and are the key reason behind our continued growth, through events like the GFC and now, the current global disruptive environment. We continue to support organisations as they navigate the ‘New Norm’ and value those long-standing relationships”

For BRICKLOG, the transnational alliance is an important milestone for further geographic expansion and is therefore very significant. Many customers with national companies including Austrian or Eastern European global customers will benefit from the additional expertise from the partnership. Bernhard Bruckdorfer, Managing Partner said, “Being able to leverage enhanced resources will provide customers with significantly enhanced service options. We see many topics and business challenges for our customers, such as M&A, outplacement, or team expansion. With LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE GROUP, we have a partner who also has over 20 years of experience in the Outplacement segment. It is precisely through the interaction of the two consulting companies that we can offer support to global logistics and supply chain companies that may need to provide outplacement/career transition services to redundant staff "

Commenting on the partners, Mr. Darryl Judd, LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE GROUP COO, and MD, Corporate Advisory noted that “increasingly firms all around the world are seeking increased pathways to growth and support a pivot their businesses, assets, and people towards emerging from 2020 into a changing world driven by increased digitalisation, consumer-led markets, and more complex global supply chains. The partnership will enable both groups to comprehensively work seamlessly across markets to tackle these challenges and to succeed”.

Adding further advantage to the strategic alliance is the possibility of mapping cross-border, international projects through the bundling of competencies. With now well over 30 consultants, the presence of BRICKLOG and LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE GROUP has significantly improved our current and future customer depth and the breadth of the service has increased significantly. Of course, joint presentations at international industry conferences and exhibitions and international industry meetings are also planned” says Kistner.