My Hat Goes Off to ASU Sustainability Dean Sander van der Leeuw

Sustainability and green play an important role in supply chains.

When the alumni magazine from Arizona State University (ASU) arrives, I usually flip through the pages quickly, looking for something that might catch my eye. In the most recent issue I made it all the way to page four when I saw the words, “UN names ASU sustainability dean a ‘Champion of the Earth.’”

Since sustainability and green play an important role in supply chain (our December issue focuses on the topic, including our annual Green Supply Chain Awards) I read on. Prof. Sander van der Leeuw, an archaeologist and historian by training, was one of six Champions of the Earth honored in June at a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

His work began with a series of regional archaeological research projects in Syria, Holland and France to understand the evolution of the relationship between societies and their environments. Later, his work focused on bringing a long-term perspective to the problems of land degradation and how changes in the natural environment are linked to technological, sociological and economic changes.

Van der Leeuw, a native of the Netherlands, who joined ASU in 2004 has quite the title: Dean of the School of Sustainability in ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS). And GIOS is a strategic research area in the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development.

Not as succinct as Champion of the Earth. Congratulations, Prof. van der Leeuw.