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A selection of recent customer win announcements from the supply chain community.

May 7, 2003 — Following is a selection of recent customer win announcements that have come into the iSource Business newsroom. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statement" and similar notices, have been removed.

Hutchinson Technology Inc. Signs Agreement with Intentia in North America

Stockholm, Sweden, and Schaumburg, IL — April 28, 2003 — Intentia International AB announced today that Hutchinson Technology Incorporated has signed an agreement with Intentia in North America to license and implement Movex, Intentia's fully integrated, enterprise collaboration solution. The first phase of the partnership is already under way; Phase Two is scheduled to commence this summer.

Reporting annual revenues of $390 million, HTI is the leading global supplier of disk drive suspension assemblies to major recording head and hard disk drive OEMs. Customers include IBM, SAE/TDK, Seagate, Read-Rite, Toshiba, Samsung and others. HTI maintains corporate headquarters, R&D and manufacturing facilities in Hutchinson, Minnesota, with additional manufacturing sites in Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota. Global operations are supported by a number of service offices in Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand and the Netherlands. Partnering with Intentia in North America, Hutchinson Technology (HTI) plans to implement Movex with the objective to integrate and automate many of the company's enterprise and supply chain business processes.

According to HTI's CIO Dave Radloff, "The effectiveness of our business systems is becoming increasingly critical to meeting our customer's needs and expectations. We are always seeking to drive efficiency and improve customer satisfaction in order to further expand our market share and increase shareholder value. We chose Intentia as one of our core business systems because their application addresses key functional needs driven by our business. We have confidence in Intentia's implementation consultants and process. Additionally, Intentia's technology direction aligns with our vision to become more agile." Barb Tessmer, HTI Program Manager, adds, "From a technology point of view, the Java-based Intentia solution offers distinct advantages, especially relative to integration to other business systems and multiple options for integration within the enterprise and throughout our supply chain. When fully implemented, this system will help us manage costs and production volume, while enabling us to continue to improve our precision quality standards and customer service levels."

Commenting on the new deal, Linus Parker, President of Intentia in the Americas, states, "We at Intentia are delighted to have begun this significant partnership with Hutchinson Technology and we will work hard to prove the wisdom of their decision. Our goal is to help HTI successfully achieve objectives which so many of our global customers have already realized, namely, an integrated, collaborative business system at a reasonable cost and with a low total cost of ownership. Because we develop, implement and service our own software, we can deliver on that promise." HTI's final choice of signing the deal with Intentia in North America came after a deep and thorough evaluation process. License revenue will be recognized in two phases representing various stages of the project. The license revenue is anticipated to have been recognized in full by Q1 2004. The total value of the project once completed is USD 4 million in licenses and service revenue.

About Hutchinson Technology

Hutchinson Technology Incorporated is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of suspension assemblies, a critical component that holds the recording head in a hard disk drive. The company produces a majority of the worldwide supply of suspension assemblies for all sizes of disk drives produced by every major disk drive manufacturer. Founded in 1965, HTI today has annual revenues of USD 390 million and employs about 2,800 people. Most recently, the company has diversified into measurement devices for the medical industry. To learn more, please visit:

About Intentia

Intentia is one of the world's leading suppliers of e-collaboration solutions. Our vision is to become the leading global e-collaboration solutions vendor by supplying our customers with tomorrow's solutions today. Intentia offers a one-stop shop for all e-collaboration needs within numerous industry segments. We develop, implement and maintain our own solutions to produce the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. The Intentia Solution consists of applications covering customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), partner relationship management (PRM), business performance measurement (BPM) and e-business.

Intentia has more than 3,200 employees and serves over 3,400 customers in the manufacturing, maintenance and distribution industries via a global network spanning some 40 countries. Intentia is a public company traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE) under the symbol INT B. Visit Intentia's Website at

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Portola Packaging Migrates to Glovia's Extended ERP Solution

Improves Information Management and Streamlines Decision-making Process

El Segundo, CA — April 28, 2003 — Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu and a leading provider of extended ERP solutions for companies with global operations, today announced that Portola Packaging has migrated to Glovia's newest ERP solution, Portola is the largest U.S. manufacturer of plastic, tamper-evident closures for noncarbonated beverages, such as snap caps for milk bottles, pull-ring caps for juice cartons and pop-up sports caps for water bottles.

Based in San Jose, Calif., and with 15 manufacturing plants in the United States and other countries, Portola is using Glovia solution in its U.S., Canada and U.K. operations. The company's Mexico facility is currently migrating to the solution, while an implementation timetable for the China plant is yet to be set.

Glovia's extended ERP solution is designed to support companies that employ mixed-mode manufacturing (engineered-to-order to ultra-repetitive), and offers project/contract management and service management capabilities, plus integrated financial, business intelligence and customer relationship management tools.

Portola is employing Glovia ERP capabilities to improve tracking and control of its manufacturing and warehouse operations, with significant efficiency gains and cost savings. The company also is using the application to streamline its financial operations and customer service functions.

"I'm excited about the solution we've provided Portola," says Dennis Michalis, president and chief executive officer of Glovia International. "They're a global company and the leader in their space, and they're driving an efficiency and control agenda that matches the strengths of Glovia's ERP solution. In addition, Portola benefited from the straightforward and risk-free migration to Glovia."

Major Increases in Data Accuracy, Completeness

By definition, the beverage closure industry is extremely competitive and price-sensitive, with today's struggling economy exacerbating the situation. According to Portola CIO Ara Chakrabarti, Portola decided to implement Glovia ERP "because it would allow us to manage operations the way they need to be managed in the present business environment.

"For example, to better control manufacturing and warehousing, we're now able to employ a bar coding system using handheld radio-frequency (RF) terminals. The application we were using before we moved to Glovia required us to enter data manually, and inaccurate or incomplete data kept being entered. Many times, we found that what was actually happening in a plant or warehouse didn't match what the application was showing. It was difficult to make business decisions with full confidence."

Shortly after it implemented Glovia's extended ERP solution, Portola saw major increases in data accuracy and completeness. Utilizing the bar code system and handheld RF terminals in its U.K. operation, the company began gathering manufacturing and inventory data. Data entry errors plummeted and Portola gained tighter control over the facility. Says Portola CFO Dennis Berg: "When we began using Glovia, we were at 16 days' worth of finished goods inventory in the U.K. warehouse — about $1.1 million in goods. Three months later, the application's capabilities allowed us to reduce that inventory to eight days' worth, or about $500,000 in product."

"Push-Button Financials"

With the implementation of Glovia extended ERP solution, Portola now produces Web-accessible financial reports from a single, unified database. Before, the company generated multiple spreadsheets from various databases and then consolidated these into final reports. This process led to inconsistencies and errors. "Since we're dealing with a single source of data today, we've noticeably improved the accuracy of this data," says Chakrabarti.

The time savings from what's been dubbed the "push-button financials system" are impressive as well. "When we first implemented this system," says Berg, "we were closing our books on a 10-day cycle. We are continuing to improve our closing cycle and we are now down to seven days. In the next few months, I don't see why we can't drop that to five days, and then at some point, perhaps to three."

With the more timely, accurate and complete information gathered through Glovia, Portola management has become more proactive and rapid in its decision-making. "We're seeing the latest company data in real-time," says Chakrabarti, "and we're now more confident when we make decisions."

B2B Framework: Integrated, Seamless, Real-Time

Glovia ERP capabilities are also allowing Portola to better serve its customers in a highly visible way — via the Web, these customers can access a "customer-centric information source" and check order status and other data in real-time, 24 hours a day. When a customer places an online order, a shopping cart-style interface speeds and simplifies order entry.

"What the Glovia solution has let us do is build an integrated, seamless, real-time business-to-business (B2B) framework," says Chakrabarti. This contrasts sharply with the system the company ran prior, he notes. "When new pricing or other information was entered in this system, it wasn't immediately reflected in our Web interface. With the time lag, we weren't always sure we were dealing with up-to-date information. But today we don't have that problem. We're always working in real-time, with the most current information."

A Smooth Move

Implementing new software can disrupt a company's operations. But Portola and Glovia worked "hand in glove" to ensure a positive transition. "The migration was well planned," says Chakrabarti, "so we didn't experience any stoppages." Adds Dennis Berg: "Glovia made sure our employees were well trained, so that when it was time for us to go live, we were ready. Our migration to Glovia ERP basically went off smoothly."

About Portola Packaging

Portola Packaging, Inc. is one of the world's largest suppliers of plastic closures and related equipment used in the dairy, bottled water, fruit juice and institutional food industries. Portola can provide a complete capping system; supplying both the closures and application equipment designed to work together for optimum performance. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Portola has more than a dozen manufacturing facilities worldwide. Portola Allied Tool is located in Michigan Center, Michigan serving customers throughout the world with 35 full time employees and numerous machining operations.

For more information on Portola Packaging, Inc. and its products, contact Portola Packaging, Inc., 890 Faulstich Ct., San Jose, CA 95112, 800-227-7627 or fax 408-453-8462 or online at

About Glovia International

Glovia International, Inc., a subsidiary of Fujitsu, is a leading provider of extended ERP solutions for companies with global operations. Glovia's ERP suite,, delivers unmatched functionality to ETO/MTO, High Volume and Automotive manufacturers, including engineering, project management, supply chain and collaboration. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., Glovia serves the needs of its 900 customers in more than 100 countries. For more information about Glovia and its extended ERP solution, please visit or call (800) 223-3799.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace. Pace-setting technologies, high-reliability/performance computing and telecommunications platforms, and a worldwide corps of systems and services experts make Fujitsu uniquely positioned to unleash the infinite possibilities of the broadband Internet to help its customers succeed. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702) reported consolidated revenues of 5 trillion yen (about US$38 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2002. For additional information, visit:

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BG Group Selects Documentum Enterprise Content Management Platform

Pleasanton, CA — April 28, 2003 — Documentum, the leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM), today announced that BG Group plc, a leading international natural gas company, has chosen the Documentum ECM platform to manage content for one of its gas plants in Tunisia. By using Documentum, BG Group expects to increase operational efficiency by making it easier than current working practices to access relevant content, which will enable full auditable control of engineering and operational documentation for the efficient running of the plant.

BG Group works in cooperation with governments, partners and other stakeholders to build natural gas markets worldwide. Active across five continents and in more than 20 countries worldwide, its core areas of operation are in the UK, Trinidad and Tobago, South America, Egypt, Kazakhstan and India. In Tunisia, BG Group is the largest producer of gas and supplies 60 percent of domestic gas demand. Working with Documentum partner Differentis, BG Group has implemented a comprehensive platform to create, manage, deliver and archive thousands of complex documents, such as engineering drawings and procedure and process documents. This project is expected to be the standard template used to manage content for other BG Group projects around the world.

"In order to maximize leverage and increase the value of IT across the business, BG Group has embarked on a journey to select and implement strategic IT platforms," said Steve Lamey, chief information officer, BG Group. "The Documentum enterprise content management platform is an important element of this strategy."

"Complying with safety regulations is an important driver for customers in selecting ECM solutions, and Documentum has a long history in helping companies address regulatory and industry-specific requirements," said Dave DeWalt, president and chief executive officer for Documentum. "We are pleased to work with BG Group in enhancing its competitive advantage with the Documentum ECM platform."

Energy Companies Rely On Documentum

In addition to BG Group, Documentum has more than 40 customers in the energy industry, including Alliant Energy, Aramco, ConEdison Solutions, Foster Wheeler, Halliburton, Shell, Talisman, Texaco, Thames Water Utilities Limited and Union Carbide. These companies use Documentum to fulfill their challenging enterprise content management requirements.

About BG Group

BG Group plc — works across the spectrum of the gas chain. The Group operates four business segments — Exploration & Production, Liquefied Natural Gas, Transmission & Distribution and Power Generation. BG Group is a significant holder of hydrocarbon reserves on the UK Continental Shelf, where it operates the Blake, Armada and some of the Easington Catchment Area fields. Internationally, BG Group's operational strategy is to develop gas markets and construct infrastructure in tandem with its exploration interests. For further information please visit

About Differentis

Differentis is a management consultant firm that serves CIOs and Executive Management of companies who apply IT to their businesses, focusing on the business of IT to ensure that it is run effectively and creates true value for the company. Differentis believes that the "joining-up" of Strategy, Implementation and Operations is key to realizing this value and its services seek to maintain in balance the needs, impacts and outcomes of all three areas. For further information please visit

About Documentum

Documentum provides enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that enable organizations to unite teams, content and associated business processes. Documentum's integrated set of content, compliance and collaboration solutions support the way people work, from initial discussion and planning through design, production, marketing, sales, service and corporate administration. With a single platform, Documentum enables people to collaboratively create, manage, deliver and archive the content that drives business operations, from documents and discussions to email, Web pages, records and rich media. The Documentum platform makes it possible for companies to distribute all of this content in multiple languages, across internal and external systems, applications and user communities. As a result, Documentum's customers, which include thousands of the world's most successful organizations, harness corporate knowledge, accelerate time to market, increase customer satisfaction, enhance supply chain efficiencies and reduce operating costs, improving their overall competitive advantage. For more information, visit Documentum on the Web at

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Optika Announces Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis Expands Acorde System with Acorde Records Manager

Long-time Optika Customer Adds Records Management Functionality to ECM Deployment

Colorado Springs, CO — April 28, 2003 — Optika Inc., a leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provider of imaging, workflow, collaboration and records management software, today announced that Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis (FHLBI), a wholesale bank with over $43 billion in assets, will implement Acorde Records Manager to proactively comply with legal retention and destruction requirements for its critical documents surrounding financial business transactions.

"We have been an Optika customer since 1994 and we're very pleased with the continued expansion and enhancements in the company's solution offerings," said Ron Malone, vice president of network and support services for Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis. "With the current pressure to meet industry requirements for the orderly retention and lawful destruction of our financial documents, Acorde Records Manager's single repository and seamless integration with the core Acorde ECM solution provides a cost-effective way for FHLBI to achieve regulatory objectives in a timely manner."

FHLBI is currently using its Optika system to capture, store and manage the huge volume of documents involved in its principal business of loaning money to banks throughout Michigan and Indiana. With the deployment of Acorde Records Manager, the institution will be able to achieve the many additional benefits including:

  • Reduce storage costs with the timely destruction of unnecessary records

  • Address costly tracking issues in which original documents are destroyed but copies are maintained indeterminately

  • Systematically dispose of both internal and offsite records without having to go through expensive and time-consuming back file conversion

"We are seeing organizations in a variety of industries put the highest priority on achieving compliance with industry regulations for managing business records and information," said Mark K. Ruport, president, CEO and chairman of Optika. "We believe the ease with which our current clients can implement Acorde Records Manager, with minimal impact on their current Acorde systems, is truly helping organizations do more with less in today's competitive environment. We are pleased to be able to provide such a positive, immediate impact to institutions like Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis."

About Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis

Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, a wholesale bank with over $43 billion in assets, provides funding for home mortgages issued by member institutions in Michigan and Indiana. As part of a system of twelve such banks across the United States established in 1932, FHLBI helps savings institutions, commercial banks, insurance companies and credit unions obtain low-cost funds for home mortgages. Its over 430 member institutions then lend to individual homebuyers and to providers of rental housing. In addition to funding, FHLBI provides its members with various correspondent services and makes inexpensive funding and grants available for community investment and affordable housing. For more information on Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, visit

About Optika

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., Optika Inc. is a leading provider of imaging, workflow, collaboration and records management software. Optika's Acorde family of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions allows companies to streamline their business processes, eliminate paper and increase operational efficiencies. The company's more than 2000 customers worldwide include The Home Depot, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Siemens Communications, Verizon Information Services and Clear Channel Communications. Optika was named one of the Top 500 Technology Companies in 2002 by Software Magazine. For more information about Optika and the Acorde product family, contact the company at 719.548.9800 or visit

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OutStart Supports and Reinforces Sales Growth with Salesnet's Award-winning Sfa Application

Learning Technology Leader Outgrows Cookie-cutter CRM Approach and Signs Up with Salesnet to Automate Its Way of Selling

Boston, MA — Apr. 28, 2003 — Salesnet, the best-of-breed, Web-based Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution, today announced that OutStart is using Salesnet Extended to support its sales and marketing divisions in the United States and Europe. OutStart, a provider of enterprise learning software, recently moved to Salesnet's sales-focused solution after outgrowing a competing online CRM application.

Over the last year, OutStart witnessed significant revenue growth and completed a major acquisition. These business achievements catalyzed the growth of OutStart's sales organization and the sophisticated development of its sales processes. The company found that its existing online CRM solution could not scale to support its new business processes.

"As we have grown, our sales and business processes have become more detailed," explained Dan Kossmann, chief financial officer at OutStart. "Our previous online CRM solution was helping us do basic contact and account management, but over time we found we needed more. Salesnet models our sales processes and coaches our salespeople through the sales cycle so that they sell more effectively."

Salesnet is the only Web-based SFA solution with the functionality depth to support the unique way each company sells. Other Web-based CRM solutions, like and UpShot, only track high-level milestones in the sales process. Salesnet, however, goes several steps further. Through Salesnet's patent-pending Process Builder technology, a company can define specific results and next steps. Salesnet supports every sales methodology, whether it's a company's own or a branded sales methodology like CustomerCentric Selling, Miller Heiman, or Target Account Selling (TAS).

"In today's economy, companies need every advantage they can get," said Mike Doyle, chairman and CEO of Salesnet. "Companies like OutStart want an intuitive, easy-to-use CRM application, or what Salesnet calls 'smart CRM.' They don't want their users bogged down with cumbersome functionality or applications that soak up valuable IT resources. With Salesnet, end users get 'smart CRM' enabling them to focus their attention on selling and improving the overall customer experience."

About OutStart

OutStart provides a proven, content-centric product family for corporations seeking to increase individual and organizational performance to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Our content-centric approach enables an organization to transform its unique business knowledge into practical learning assets, deliver those learning assets to the right person, the right way, at the right time, and capitalize on those assets throughout the extended enterprise to drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Approximately 5,000 customers, including 35 percent of the Fortune 500, use OutStart's learning software to realize improvements in sales force and services productivity, call center efficiencies, customer and partner education and technology adoption. Founded in 1999, OutStart is headquartered in Boston and has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dublin, Lake Mary, Fla., London, Los Angeles, New York City, Raleigh, N.C., San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. For more information, visit

About Salesnet

Salesnet delivers an award-winning, Web-based Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution focused solely on improving sales execution  with no compromises or unnecessary extras. Leading organizations, including Charter Communications, Software AG, Sovereign Bank, Staples, and Tellabs, use Salesnet to accelerate revenues, forecast accurately, and get better pipeline visibility. Salesnet is the only Web-based SFA solution built to ensure consistent, top-notch sales execution. Salesnet is easy to use, quick to deploy, and delivers a rapid return on investment. For more information, visit Salesnet's Web site at:

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TIBCO to Integrate Key Business Processes for AvestaPolarit

TIBCO Increases Functionality and Streamlines Business Processes to Enable Real-time Visibility for Leading Stainless Steel Manufacturer

Stockholm, Sweden — April 28, 2003 — TIBCO Software Inc., a leading enabler of Real-Time Business and the leading independent business integration software company in the world, as demonstrated by market share and analyst reports, today announced that it has been selected by AvestaPolarit, one of the world's leading stainless steel manufacturers, to provide a combined application integration platform and advanced Business Process Management (BPM) backbone. The project will enable AvestaPolarit to respond more rapidly and dynamically to customers, partners and to the markets within which it operates.

"We turned to TIBCO because we needed a standard integration platform for our business applications and processes," said Johan Tommervik, CIO, AvestaPolarit. "TIBCO was also the only vendor that could demonstrate that its solution was truly scalable."

AvestaPolarit is initially focusing on streamlining and improving the functionality of its order management system. The TIBCO solution will achieve these goals and also provide a comprehensive view of all order management processes, such as checking orders against payment and delivery. Beyond order management, AvestaPolarit's vision is to use TIBCO's technology to enhance and develop such business processes as supply chain management, and integrate other vendors with the AvestaPolarit mainframe.

"AvestaPolarit is an organization moving quickly in an ever-widening market place, and needs a solid real-time infrastructure to meet customer needs and gain competitive edge," said Erik Hansen, president of EMEA, TIBCO Software Inc. "TIBCO will work closely with AvestaPolarit to meet these goals."

AvestaPolarit was formed in January 2001 as a result of the merger between Avesta Sheffield and Outokumpu Steel. It currently has 9,000 employees and production plants in Finland, Sweden and the UK. Outokumpu, which is already a TIBCO customer, recently extended its existing corporate agreement to include AvestaPolarit.

About TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO Software Inc. is the leading independent business integration software company in the world, demonstrated by market share and analyst reports. In addition, TIBCO is a leading enabler of Real-Time Business, helping companies become more cost-effective, more agile and more efficient. TIBCO has delivered the value of real-time business, what TIBCO calls The Power of Now, to over 2,000 customers around the world and in a wide variety of industries. For more information on TIBCO's proven business integration, business optimization, and enterprise backbone solutions, TIBCO can be reached at 650-846-1000 or on the Web at TIBCO is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

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Visible Inventory Helps Large Manufacturer Optimize Critical Parts Inventory Management

Beta Customer Measures, Manages Inventory in Real Time, Links to Suppliers for Automatic Replenishment of Parts

Salem, NH — April 28, 2003 — Visible Inventory, an industry-leading provider of true real-time inventory management solutions, today announced that a Fortune 100 company in Massachusetts has become a beta customer for Release 2.0 of Visible Inventory's SuppliLink using iBin sensors. The customer is using the Visible Inventory solution to better manage inventory for critical temperature sensors used in one of its major product lines.

"Visible Inventory is a real value-add for us in that their solution substantially reduces the time we spend pushing supplier orders in and out of our facility," said the vice president of Operations at the customer site. "The Visible Inventory solution simplifies our life by automating the inventory control process. We're a lean manufacturer, and by utilizing Visible Inventory, we've been able to extend a true 'pull' process to our suppliers."

He added, "Since installing the Visible Inventory solution, our physical inventory counts are always 100% accurate. Because we don't have to baby-sit our parts anymore, our buyers are freed up to work on negotiations, rather than expediting and de-expediting deliveries. So, we've eliminated some real overhead and many costs associated with human intervention in the inventory management process. Plus, it links in well with our ERP system."

John Toomey, Visible Inventory's president and CEO, said, "We're working in partnership with our customers to help them execute efficient supply chain management principles and realize exceptional operational value. Our solution is designed to reduce costly and critical part or supply shortages, decrease labor costs, and maximize inventory turns. This frees up valuable working capital for our customers."

Visible Inventory's innovative inventory management solution touches on all phases of the inventory management process: inventory is continuously measured, users are provided with real-time inventory status, information on low inventory is automatically delivered to the supply chain so inventory replenishment actions can be made quickly. It is the only solution on the market that delivers all this functionality in true real-time.

The solution developed by Visible Inventory includes SuppliLink intelligent software, which captures inventory status for each product in a database so users can easily monitor inventory and identify shortages at a glance; iBin sensors, which wirelessly measure and communicate item quantities to the SuppliLink software; and iVision Series software, which allows inventory status and reorder information to be viewed by approved personnel through an Internet browser.

"Visible Inventory is focused on ensuring that the specific needs of our customers are met," continued John Toomey. "We are addressing key vertical markets, such as high tech manufacturing, the automotive industry, and medical and pharmaceutical supply companies. Customers in these markets can immediately and continuously benefit from reduced procurement time, cycle counting time, labor requirements, and inventory space; and from increased inventory turns and better knowledge of actual inventory levels and usage."

Visible Inventory's solutions complement other inventory measurement technology, and can receive data from any standard or custom-designed sensor. Customer-specific configurations are also available.

About Visible Inventory

Visible Inventory is an industry-leading provider of true real-time inventory management solutions that enhance the performance of existing ERP, SCM and MRO systems. Inventory activity is automatically executed upon in real time, maintaining minimum inventory levels and providing accurate inventory information across the entire supply chain. Visible Inventory's SuppliLink intelligent software, coupled with the company's iBin family of sensors, and iVision Internet communications software, enable today's most progressive supply chain practices to achieve their full potential. A complementary and collaborative solution is Visible Inventory's offering to manufacturers, distributors, and others wishing to optimize inventory levels, replenishment cycles, and vendor or customer partnerships. For more information, visit

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VF Corporation Selects American Software's Web-based Sourcing, Production System

Atlanta — April 28, 2003 — American Software, Inc. announced that VF Corporation has selected e-SPS, New Generation Computing's (NGC) Web-based sourcing and production system, to streamline and manage the global production of its branded-label apparel.

e-SPS will provide VF Corporation's sourcing department and overseas vendors with real-time access to production data and the ability to complete steps in the production process via the Internet. Specifically, e-SPS will enable VF Corporation to manage global sourcing and end-to-end tracking of purchase orders and to receive real-time updates on the status of apparel production.

"We selected New Generation Computing's software based on the company's proven track record of providing clients with effective strategic sourcing solutions, the company's knowledge and experience in the apparel industry, and superior service," said Ellen Martin, vice president of supply chain systems of VF Corporation. "NGC's software is easy to use and can be adapted to work with our existing systems."

Alan Brooks, president of New Generation Computing, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software, added: "We are excited to have VF Corporation join NGC's family of e-SPS customers. VF Corporation's selection of e-SPS reflects an industry-wide trend in which apparel retailers, manufacturers and brand managers are relying on new strategic sourcing solutions to get products to market faster, significantly reduce global travel and communications and improve the returns on their technology investments. We'll continue to develop additional e-SPS modules to meet our clients' changing needs."

NGC's e-SPS consists of 11 software modules: e-Product Development, e-RFQ's & Bids, e-Pre Production, e-Production Tracking, e-Collaboration, e-Pack, e-Shipment Tracking, e-Exceptions, e-Quality, e-Executive Information Systems and Reporting, and Event Tracking and Management System. Current e-SPS users include Wilsons Leather, Kellwood Company, Russell Corp. and S. Schwab Company.

About VF Corporation

VF Corporation is the world's largest apparel company and a leader in jeanswear, intimate apparel, playwear, workwear and daypacks. Its principal brands include Lee, Wrangler, Riders, Rustler, Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Bestform, Lily of France, Lee Sport, Healthtex, JanSport, Eastpak, Red Kap and The North Face. VF Corporation's press releases, annual report and other information can be accessed through the company's homepage,

About New Generation Computing

New Generation Computing Inc. (NGC), a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software, is a global software company that has 25 years of experience developing and marketing business applications for apparel manufacturers, brand managers, retailers, importers and other businesses in the sewn-products industry. The company's products include AMAS, a specialized apparel business control, accounting and MRP system; e-SPS, a Web-based sourcing and production system; TPM, a shop-floor control and manufacturing execution system; EZ-Ship, a labeling, packing and shipping system for remote factories; SP&E, a screenprint and embroidery management system; and Full Package, a multilingual business control system for offshore enterprises.

Headquartered in Miami, NGC has sales offices worldwide and more than 600 clients, including Dick's Sporting Goods, Wilsons Leather, Kellwood, Hugo Boss, Russell Corp., Ralph Lauren Childrenswear, Haggar Clothing Company, Maidenform and William Carter. For more information, call NGC at (305) 556-9122, e-mail or visit

About American Software

Headquartered in Atlanta, American Software develops, markets and supports one of the industry's most comprehensive offering of integrated business applications, including enterprisewide, supply chain management, Internet commerce, financial, warehouse management and manufacturing packages. e-Intelliprise is a total ERP/supply chain management suite, which leverages Internet connectivity and includes multiple manufacturing methodologies, full global capability and integrated data marts. The Company's Flow Manufacturing solution is the first dedicated application for automating demand-based manufacturing operations as a best-of-class client/server extension to existing ERP systems. American Software owns 86% of Logility, Inc., a leading supplier of collaborative value chain planning solutions via the Internet. New Generation Computing (NGC) is American Software's wholly owned subsidiary that provides product solutions for the apparel, sewn and retail products industry by providing functionality that allows these customers to improve efficiencies, lower operating costs, reduce supply chain time, meet complex customer requirements, improve supply chain visibility, improve inventory management, and reduce production costs. For more information on the Company, contact: American Software, 470 East Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, GA 30305 (800) 726-2946. (404) 261-4381. FAX: (404) 364-7803 INTERNET: or E-mail:

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