Sayari Launches New Supply Chain Mapping Solution

Sayari launches Sayari Map, a supply chain mapping and risk screening solution aimed at enhancing visibility into complex global supply chains.

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Sayari launches Sayari Map, a supply chain mapping and risk screening solution aimed at enhancing visibility into complex global supply chains. Sayari Map is Sayari’s second product designed specifically to provide comprehensive network visibility at scale. The new solution empowers sourcing, procurement, and trade compliance teams to easily map and screen for direct and upstream supplier risk in bulk, while Sayari’s flagship product, Sayari Graph, facilitates in-depth analysis essential for addressing identified risks. Together, the solutions aim to simplify the typically complex workflow of managing compliance risks, including exposure to forced labor, ESG risk, global sanctions and more.

“Sourcing, procurement and trade compliance teams are increasingly accountable for managing non-obvious risks deep within their supply chains. Existing mapping and risk identification solutions are complex, manual, and difficult to implement at scale without incurring significant cost - and compliance budgets have not necessarily increased in line with regulatory scrutiny,” says Sayari CEO Farley Mesko. “Sayari Map is the next development in Sayari’s suite of products that addresses this exact problem — and does so with a unique approach. We use real trade data so users can be certain they are not dealing with theoretical risk, and proprietary product blueprints, which use AI to connect products with input components, so users can hone in on what’s relevant to their actual supply chains.”

Key Takeaways:

  • With Sayari’s automated supplier mapping, batch upload capabilities, and world-class trade, corporate and risk data, companies can make confident, informed decisions to create transparent, compliant, and resilient supply chains. Teams can:
    • Make informed risk assessments with reliable, real-world data: Teams can access comprehensive, credible data from 250+ jurisdictions, including real trade data from 70+ countries, including hard target countries, such as China and Russia.
    • Cut through the noise and focus on relevant supply chain risk: Teams can filter supply chain maps to surface only the suppliers and risks relevant to a specific product, leveraging Sayari's proprietary AI-enabled product blueprints.
    • Streamline the discovery of sub-tier supplier risk through automated mapping and batch screening: Teams can automatically map, screen, and monitor tens of thousands of suppliers within minutes, staying ahead of potential supply chain vulnerabilities and disruptions.
    • Cut lengthy deployment timelines: Teams can deploy Sayari Map rapidly and begin pinpointing insights to mitigate risks immediately while maintaining the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with other systems of choice.