Dow Jones Risk & Compliance Deploys Generative AI to Transform Due Diligence

Dow Jones Integrity Check is a fully automated solution that goes beyond screening to identify risks and red flags from thousands of data sources.

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Dow Jones Risk & Compliance today unveils an industry-leading AI-powered research platform that enables organizations to build an investigative due diligence report covering multiple sources in as little as five minutes. The new offering is set to reshape compliance workflows, creating an additional layer of investigation that can be deployed at scale. 

Dow Jones Integrity Check is a fully automated solution that goes beyond screening to identify risks and red flags from thousands of data sources.

“The launch of Dow Jones Integrity Check illustrates AI’s potential as a force for good in the global fight against financial crime,” says Joel Lange, EVP and GM, Dow Jones Risk & Research. “Reducing the amount of time needed to run a background check from days to minutes will transform the way compliance teams approach due diligence, ultimately providing greater transparency and assurance on who they are doing business with. Together with Xapien, we are pioneering the future of risk mitigation, harnessing GenAI and other emerging technologies responsibly in order to facilitate smarter, faster decision-making.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Harnessing cutting-edge generative AI, natural language processing (NLP) and entity resolution technologies from AI firm Xapien, Dow Jones Integrity Check extracts and summarizes vast volumes of information into intuitive reports that are quick and easy to digest. The platform significantly reduces false positives, saving compliance professionals valuable time and resources. 
  • Dow Jones Integrity Check is designed with regulatory guidance in mind, incorporating proactive safeguards against hallucinations and continuous product review to ensure trustworthy, unbiased results. The outputs are fully sourced and auditable, with links to the original articles and records for further interrogation. 
  • Dow Jones Integrity Check is the latest in a suite of AI-powered risk management tools that Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is rolling out as it continues to invest in advanced AI and automation for the compliance sector. As part of Dow Jones’s commitment to the responsible use of AI, sources are appropriately licensed for generative AI models, ensuring customers are basing decisions on reliable content that is copyright compliant.