Cleo's Business Commitment Monitoring for Logistics

This solution offers actionable data and proactive response solution designed to ensure that logistics companies’ business commitments are never missed.

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Cleo offers availability of Cleo Business Commitment Monitoring for Logistics (powered by RADARTM*), an actionable data and proactive response solution designed to ensure that logistics companies’ most critical business commitments are never missed – enabling them to capture full revenue, protect trading partner relationships and uncover new avenues for growth.

Along with extensive business dashboards tailored for technical and non-technical users, CIC provides insights into operational performance, business commitment status and trading partner metrics specifically relevant to each user’s role. The solution also delivers real-time notifications that users can customize through a configurable, no-code framework. As a result, the solution significantly improves operational efficiency, augments data-driven insights and enables users to take immediate, proactive action, even before issues impact business performance. The result is stronger compliance with real-world commitments, internal KPIs and key trading partner service level agreements (SLAs).

“Every supply chain is basically a series of complex interconnected business commitments, that ultimately result in delivery of a finished good or service to a business or consumer. These commitments vary from a manufacturer immediately processing an order in real-time to a 3PL responding to load tenders from a shipper within seconds. And the simple  truth is, if you – or a trading partner – fail to uphold a commitment, your supply chain gets disrupted, putting revenue, profits and relationships on the line,” says Mahesh Rajasekharan, president and CEO of Cleo. “We see the most pressure to deliver on commitments is happening within the logistics industry.  But now, with Cleo’s Business Commitment Monitoring for Logistics, carriers, freight brokerages, and 3PLs alike get never-before-seen capabilities to optimize their revenue streams and strengthen operations, transparency, and experience with their most important shippers.”  

Key Takeaways:

  • Early warning system – Serves up proactive notifications on at-risk business commitments and provides guidance for meeting established mandates. The solution also allows you to “tighten” your monitoring by defining more granular commitments to track.  Users can utilize the no-code framework to customize business logic and setup notifications within minutes:
    • Load Tender Response Time – ensure a load tender is never missed. 
    • Load Volumes – ensure you comply with guaranteed load capacity or expected revenue from contracts. 
  • Trading Partner Scorecarding – Detailed accountability snapshots for individual trading partners so you can track and monitor performance to commitments. Create condition-based rules utilizing dozens of data points, including those inside business documents. Quickly identify shippers, carriers and freight brokerage partners who are meeting their commitments and enabling your organization to be more competitive, improving your customer experience or strengthening your ecosystem relationships.
    • Capture and measure response times of trading partners to assess their competitiveness and business velocity.
    • Track and monitor performance against key shipper and carrier business commitments.
  • KPI monitoring – A deep, penetrating dashboard-level view into your ongoing business performance based on indicators you define to track your specific business objectives relative to the unique nature of every trading partner relationship.
    • Set various organization – specific goals, such as load tender response times or invoicing timing, to measure and monitor activity with confidence.