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A roundup of new solutions and services announcements from the supply chain community.

May 29, 2003 — Following is a selection of recent solution- and services-related announcements that have come into the iSource Business newsroom. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statement" and similar notices, have been removed.

OSIsoft Introduces Real-time Performance Management Platform

RtPM Driving Operational Excellence across Global Enterprises

San Leandro, CA — May 14, 2003 — Today, at its 14th annual User Conference in San Francisco, OSIsoft introduced the Real-time Performance Management (RtPM) platform designed to help businesses improve operational excellence.

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, CEO and founder of OSIsoft, said, "The OSIsoft Real-time Performance Management (RtPM) platform enables large industrial corporations to achieve continuous improvement in profit margins. Corporations can deploy the RtPM platform to gather data and to monitor events in real time across local and global operations. Data are validated and distributed anywhere, anytime so that decision makers collaborating on worldwide business issues use only 'one version of the truth.' The immediate knowledge of real-time events enables them to take actions that improve profits as operational events occur — actions that used to take days or weeks."

"For decades major corporations have been using our flagship PI System (PI), a key component of the RtPM platform, to retrieve valuable information locked in proprietary manufacturing systems and use this information to achieve operational excellence," said Michael Saucier, VP Marketing for OSIsoft. "Our latest RtPM platform products allow them to extend the real-time performance management process into other core business areas including IT infrastructure, ERP systems and regulatory compliance."

Continuing the proven track record of the PI System, OSIsoft's RtPM platform is designed for high reliability and massive scalability — elements that are critical to successful enterprise level applications. The RtPM platform products, including PI, are designed for fast deployment and easy integration with existing IT infrastructures. This allows corporations to leverage existing assets and systems for improved agility, productivity and profitability.

"We are about to introduce our next generation PI System (PI 3.4) — a very significant addition to our RtPM platform offerings," said Mark Hughes, President (and former VP Engineering) for OSIsoft. "PI 3.4 will achieve up to 10 times the performance of the current PI System — already the highest performance real-time database engine on the market. Other major product rollouts for the RtPM platform will include our next generation of the ICE portal and our ProcessPoint product lifecycle management (PLM) software."

Steve Sarnecki, Director of Global Process Controls for Millennium commented, "Millennium has successfully deployed OSIsoft's PI System as the key element for real-time performance management across our global operations. We report our profits on a monthly basis but the fact is, we make money or lose money based on real-time data driven decisions, not month-to-month reporting. Installing PI has provided Millennium with the platform needed to make those critical real time decisions that affect our profitability."

About OSIsoft

OSIsoft is the leading provider of real-time performance management software to corporations worldwide in energy production, process and discrete manufacturing, utilities, and network services. OSIsoft's products collect real-time data from multiple geographical and automation sources, transform data into actionable information and distribute information through an enterprise-wide portal to decision makers anytime, anywhere in the corporation. OSIsoft's PI System, the flagship platform for real-time performance management, has been deployed at over 10,000 industrial customer sites in more than 80 countries for the continuous improvement of enterprise performance and bottom line profits. OSIsoft is headquartered in San Leandro, CA with offices located throughout North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and New Zealand/Australia. To learn more about OSIsoft and its products visit, contact David Stockford at 510/297-5885 or send an email to

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Business Objects Announces General Availability of BusinessObjects Enterprise 6 on UNIX

Simultaneous Release of New Product on Three Leading UNIX Platforms

San Jose, CA — May 15, 2003 — Business Objects, the leading provider of business intelligence solutions, today announced general availability of BusinessObjects Enterprise 6, the new version of its industry-leading business intelligence (BI) suite, on three UNIX platforms. Enterprise 6 is now available HP UX, IBM AIX, and Sun Solaris, in addition to the Windows version that was announced on April 23.

Business Objects Enterprise 6 is the company's suite of integrated business intelligence products comprising enterprise analytic applications, a business intelligence platform, and data integration products. Enterprise 6 provides organizations with one integrated, functionally complete BI environment for all users, from the casual report viewer to the report author to the data analyst, and ensures compatibility between all elements of the BI suite.

"This is a major announcement for Business Objects," said Bernard Liautaud, chairman and chief executive officer of Business Objects. "We are shipping the industry's most integrated and functionally rich product. In addition, for the first time in our company's history we are releasing a major product simultaneously on three major UNIX platforms. This further underscores our commitment to giving customers the world class functionality and open deployment options that fit with their enterprise deployment needs."

"Enterprise 6 is definitely a good step forward terms of product features and deployment options, as it is easier to use and provides more flexibility to our end users," said Thierry Leleu, business intelligence program manager at Unisys. "Enterprise 6 will enable us to continue expanding our Business Objects deployment to more users throughout the company."

"Enterprise 6 provides significant upgrades and new capabilities to the entire Business Objects product line," said Mike Schiff, vice president, data warehousing and business intelligence at Current Analysis, a leading industry analyst firm. "The new product suite demonstrates the company's ability to assimilate Acta's data integration technology into its product line, and highlights how the company has successfully evolved to provide tools and solutions across the enterprise. Business Objects is certainly a major BI force, and a new generation of its product suite will have a positive impact on the market."

Business Objects Enterprise 6 offers four key advantages over all other business intelligence suites on the market today: it provides the industry's best Web query, reporting, and analysis; the most advanced and complete suite of analytic applications; the best connectivity to packaged applications; and is the most integrated BI suite.


BusinessObjects Enterprise 6 is generally available on Windows, HP UX, IBM AIX, and Sun Solaris.

About Business Objects

Business Objects is the world's leading provider of enterprise business intelligence (BI) solutions. Business Objects enables organizations to track, understand, and manage enterprise performance. The company's solutions leverage the information that is stored in an array of corporate databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Popular uses of BI include management dashboards and scorecards, enterprise performance management applications, customer intelligence applications, enterprise reporting, financial reporting, and both customer and partner extranets. These solutions enable companies to gain visibility into their business, acquire and retain profitable customers, reduce costs, optimize the supply chain, increase productivity and improve financial performance. Business Objects provides the industry's most integrated business intelligence suite, called BusinessObjects Enterprise 6. This suite includes the industry's best Web query, reporting, and analysis; the most advanced and complete suite of analytic applications; and the best connectivity to packaged applications. Business Objects has more than 17,500 customers in over 80 countries. Business Objects can be reached at 408-953-6000 and

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nMetric's 4C@Site Builds upon Theory of Constraints

Just Finding Bottlenecks Is Not Enough

Costa Mesa, CA — May 14, 2003 — nMetric today announced that midsize manufacturers can enhance constraint management practices by truly honing in on their production bottlenecks. Instead of just finding them, they can further determine if there is a contention for resources now or in the future. Then, they can ascertain, ahead of time, which order delivery dates could be in jeopardy. Users can set the criteria for what conditions will trigger alert messages and who will receive them. All of this lets an enterprise effectively manage prospective surprises and avoid costly setbacks.

"Constraint management via TOC (Theory of Constraints) looks at an organization, such as a plant, company or supply chain, as an integrated whole composed of interdependent parts versus viewing the organization as the sum of its independent managed parts, each to be managed on its own," reports Tom Carpenter, nMetric CEO. "However, the value of such a manufacturing and scheduling system must go beyond its ability to display the status of the shop floor at all times. Real benefits come by seeing shop floor problems before they occur and being able to schedule them out of the way as soon as possible, including immediately."

According to Carpenter, "4C lets midsize and smaller manufacturers continuously monitor orders at every moment in real time, ensuring currency of production status. It also notifies all who need to know if delivery expectations are being met so they can react accordingly. In addition, 4C resolves at-risk orders, capacity constraints, engineering changes, and other operational events that impede an order's progress."

For example, Carpenter explains, when and if resources or demands change or might change, 4C resolves any problems that could affect delivery dates. It will also shoot out a message to notify all specified partners of such resolutions. If there are prospective large shifts in plans or resources, 4C will help users immediately determine the impact of various "what-ifs" on present order dates in the queue.

"By leveraging constraint management and Theory of Constraint practices, 4C lets manufacturers anticipate what the effects of each change, wherever they may apply, will be before making them," emphasizes Carpenter.

About nMetric

nMetric's manufacturing software affordably combines scheduling and manufacturing execution and integrates it with any enterprise planning system. 4C@Site features live real-time scheduling; continuous tracking and monitoring of resources, operations and related activities; event-driven messaging; and live "capable-to-build" analysis. It instantly confirms the shop floor's ability to produce specific order delivery requests. Forward-looking, 4C@Site proactively reveals contention for resources, monitors the entire production process and sends message alerts when upcoming events could create delays. Company headquarters are at 3070 South Bristol Avenue, Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626. Phone is 888/561-9700. Website is

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AXS-One Announces AXS-One View Performance Management and Business Analysis Solution

Consolidates Data from Multiple Sources, Providing Multidimensional Views of Data Supporting Governance and Compliance Monitoring

Rutherford, NJ — May 19, 2003 — AXS-One Inc., a leading provider of e-business solutions, today announced the availability of AXS-One View, a new solution that provides a way to extract and centralize valuable, business-critical information from different systems and formats located across company-wide applications and databases.

The AXS-One View data engine consolidates data from multiple sources into a centralized browser-based view, enabling users to make better decisions by leveraging information from multidimensional perspectives.

Users can sign on to the AXS-One View solution from their standard Internet Explorer or Netscape browser. An easy, intuitive interface enables users to view, slice, and share information in almost any format. The data can then be customized, viewed and analyzed based on user-defined needs. Features such as wildcard searches, filters, and the ability to sort any column of data in ascending/descending order, all assist users to pinpoint answers with the AXS-One View solution. Dynamic graphical features also allow the information to be presented as pie charts, bar charts or trend graphs.

"This investment in software, installation, and training will have paid for itself in the first six months. What once required eight hours of our time — to generate management reports — now takes us five minutes, commented Glenn O'Sullivan, Finance Manager of the City of Hobson's Bay in Australia, an early adopter of the AXS-One View solution. "We're extremely happy with the flow-on effects of AXS-One View and the measurable impact that it is having on our organization's KPIs."

"The AXS-One View solution provides users with optimal data for reporting and analysis purposes from various systems and formats without the high costs and time needed to build a datamart or data warehouse," commented John Rade, President and Chief Executive Officer of AXS-One. "This further demonstrates AXS-One's commitment to understanding the needs of our customers and providing them with the cost effective solutions to address their varied governance needs such as performance management and compliance. Applications such as AXS-One View are an essential part of an executive's dashboard as they meet the increasing demands placed upon them. "

The AXS-One View solution can also export information to popular desktop applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or Excel.

About AXS-One Inc.

AXS-One is a provider of supply chain management solutions for service industries that extend the finance function and allow organizations to work collaboratively with their partners, suppliers, employees, and customers while preserving investments in existing systems. AXS-One has implemented high-volume, interoperable, scalable and secure business solutions for the global 2000. Its Web services-based technology has been critically acclaimed as best of class. AXS-One has approximately 250 employees in offices worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa. AXS-One was founded in 1978, and is based in Rutherford, New Jersey, U.S.A. For further information, visit the AXS-One Web site at

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ChemConnect Enhances Its Plastics Capabilities

New Polymer Trading Pit, Managed Auctions for Wide-Spec Materials and Packaging Help Companies Streamline Processes and Hedge Risk across the Entire Product Chain

Houston — May 19, 2003 — ChemConnect, Inc., a leader in helping customers optimize their purchasing and sales processes, has become a major destination for buyers, sellers and traders within the plastics industry as a result of a its enhanced plastics capabilities and increased industry adoption. ChemConnect customers are driving value and cutting costs using its Marketplace, including the Commodity Markets Platform and managed and self-service auctions.

ChemConnect significantly increased its commitment to polymer buyers, sellers and traders by facilitating transactions for various grades of polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene as well as financial swaps and cross-commodity spreads across the polymer product chain, from ethane and propane, for example, through to finished product. Using ChemConnect, customers can take advantage of product liquidity and hedge risk across the spectrum.

In addition to facilitating both physical and financial trades, ChemConnect's Marketplace has become a preferred platform for negotiating the sale of a variety of engineering plastics and wide-spec and non-prime polymers. Forward — or sell-side — auctions, managed in partnership with ChemConnect's service team, have become a widely used method for sellers to drive higher business value from what has traditionally been viewed as non-strategic product. Buyers benefit from predictable access to product on an ongoing basis.

To date, sales of more than 700 lots representing in excess of 100 million pounds of resin have been negotiated through 75 managed auctions conducted weekly. The notional value of global auctions for the procurement of plastic additives and colorants totaled $200 million, and more than $70 million in packaging related auctions have been completed, with up to ten locations per auction containing hundreds of individual line-items.

Process efficiencies achieved through regularly scheduled managed auctions allow sellers to streamline sales processes related to these materials and focus on higher yield activities. Inventory also moves much faster, resulting in savings on the commercial side of the business, including rail fleet utilization. Sellers have also reported that the transparency achieved through ChemConnect provides them the assurance that they are securing market prices through dynamic negotiations, which often results in price uplift. However, transaction cost savings alone provide significant return on investment.

"The plastics industry is a prime example of how companies are using a variety of services available from ChemConnect to drive value," said John K. Robinson, ChemConnect CEO. "Whether discovering new markets, streamlining the trade of high volume commodities or using our negotiation platform to manage the buying and selling of finished product, ChemConnect has become a critical part of effectively managing these processes for plastics and packaging leaders."

About ChemConnect

ChemConnect is a leader in helping customers optimize their purchasing and sales processes for feedstocks, chemicals, plastics, and related products through a unique combination of market information, industry expertise, e-commerce solutions, and an active network of trading partners. More than 9,000 Member companies in multiple industries around the world can use ChemConnect's highly efficient tools and services to streamline transactions and lower costs. Visit for more information.

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Epicor Delivers Strategic Sourcing and Enhanced SRM Capabilities to Mid-market Companies with Epicor Sourcing 7.3 and JumpStart

Epicor Sourcing Streamlines Operational Efficiencies, Fast-tracks ROI and Improves Customer Profitability

Irvine, CA — May 19, 2003 — Epicor Software Corporation, a leading provider of integrated enterprise Software solutions for mid-market companies, today announced significant feature enhancements to its "e by Epicor" enterprise suite with the 7.3 release of Epicor Sourcing. Available immediately as part of the Epicor Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) offering, Epicor Sourcing is an integrated auctions and sourcing solution that provides mid-market companies tier-one functionality at a low total cost of ownership. Epicor also announced its JumpStart program which will allow customers to "try and buy" online sourcing while minimizing upfront investment.

According to AMR Research, "conservative Return on Investment (ROI) from bidding events alone is over 2000%, which translates into 10% to 15% gross margin improvements; incremental benefits are still to come as technology and business practices are refined." (AMR Report, December 26, 2002 — Strategic Sourcing Brings Stunning Returns to Retailers). Epicor Sourcing offers the mid-market enhanced functionality that customers and the market require, enabling organizations to gain top and bottom line savings through strategic sourcing initiatives that will streamline operational efficiencies while improving the level of service provided to customers, suppliers and partners.

Epicor Sourcing is a highly configurable solution with a Web-based framework that provides companies with the flexibility to quickly and easily integrate strategic sourcing, dynamic pricing, collaboration and negotiation, and complex auctioning capabilities into their e-commerce and purchasing platforms. This latest release of Epicor Sourcing provides key functionality enhancements including sequential start times, lotting, eRFx, and enhanced integration to Epicor eProcurement and eBackOffice applications. These enrichments allow companies to better streamline operations, reduce cycle times, improve supplier relationships, and evaluate purchasing options based on price and non-price parameters.

RailMarketplace, founded by major railway companies including Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific Railway, CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific Railroad, is a global supply chain marketplace for the Class 1 railroads in North America. An Epicor customer since 2001, RailMarketplace is a beta partner for Epicor's Sourcing 7.3 release.

"We've depended on Epicor's auction and sourcing solutions for the past two years to successfully run events, and allow companies in the rail and rail-related industry to buy and sell goods and services," said Pamela Meyer, manager of strategic sourcing for RailMarketplace. "We are happy with the close working relationship we have with Epicor, and are pleased with the added functionality and enhancements available to us with the new release."

Comprehensive SRM for the Mid-market

The Epicor SRM Suite provides enterprises with the necessary tools and solutions to achieve world-class performance in supplier relationships. The Epicor Sourcing application is a key component of Epicor SRM, which maximizes savings and compliance by automating the process of negotiating the optimal combination of suppliers, products, services, prices, and non-price attributes.

Epicor also provides a unique opportunity to mid-market companies just ramping up their SRM initiatives, Epicor JumpStart. Epicor's JumpStart program offers two options for risk averse companies, enabling them to "try-and-buy" the online sourcing solution under either a 30- or 90-day period with fixed cost and little up-front investment.

"Epicor's JumpStart program will allow customers to quickly observe the strategic benefits that online sourcing can offer, but at minimal financial risk," said Marc Cohen, senior product marketing manager with Epicor's Enterprise Group. "We want all of our customers to experience quick return on investment that Epicor Sourcing can provide, and with JumpStart we're providing a cost-effective way for them to try it out."

The JumpStart program is an innovative approach, bundling Epicor Sourcing and essential services into an affordable, complete and rapidly deployable sourcing solution. With Epicor Sourcing, buyers and suppliers are able to connect via the Internet and transact business efficiently online. Based on a proven implementation process, JumpStart enables customers to go live quickly and run an unlimited number of events during the trial period.

About Epicor Software Corporation

Epicor is a leading provider of integrated enterprise and e-business software solutions for mid-market companies around the world. Founded in 1984, Epicor has over 15,000 customers and delivers end-to-end, industry-specific solutions that enable companies to immediately improve business operations and build competitive advantage in today's Internet economy. Epicor's comprehensive suite of integrated software solutions for Supplier Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financials, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Professional Services Automation and Collaborative Commerce provide the scalability and flexibility to support long-term growth. Epicor's solutions are complemented by a full range of services, providing single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership, now and in the future. Epicor is headquartered in Irvine, California and has offices and affiliates around the world. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

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FileNet Extends Virtual Content Management Capabilities of its FileNet P8 Architecture with Venetica's VeniceBridge

Connectivity to External Content Repositories Helps Joint Customers Leverage ECM Investment

Charlotte, NC and Costa Mesa, CA — May 19, 2003 — FileNet Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and Venetica, the market leading provider of content integration software, today announced a relationship under which FileNet will resell Venetica's Content Provider for the FileNet P8 Workplace, FileNet's user interface for its FileNet P8 ECM architecture.

The Content Provider for FileNet P8 Workplace leverages Venetica's flagship product VeniceBridge, and enables FileNet customers to access existing enterprise content through FileNet's common API and user interface. FileNet's virtual content management (VCM) capabilities were first announced by FileNet in April 2003.

Content integration has become a top priority as many organizations are struggling to access and work with content stored in different systems across the enterprise. Venetica provides a solution to this problem through the VeniceBridge content integration platform and specialized applications such as the Content Provider for FileNet P8 Workplace.

FileNet's VCM solution enables users to browse and search external content sources, and includes support for existing FileNet repositories, third party content management systems and custom content sources. Users can copy selected content into the FileNet P8 Content Manager or create real-time links to content residing in external repositories.

"The ability for enterprises to leverage existing content in support of enterprise content management and portal initiatives is a growing market need," said Karen Shegda, research director at Gartner, Inc. "Organizations are beginning to demand solutions that enable them to seamlessly integrate content from their legacy systems and existing repositories to drive higher return on investment for e-business initiatives."

FileNet's solution is designed to reduce the need for multiple custom integrations, which can be expensive, time consuming and risky, and require ongoing support and maintenance of custom code. The VCM solution can enable organizations to take full advantage of FileNet's powerful ECM architecture while unlocking information contained in existing content sources across the enterprise, regardless of how and where it resides.

"It is clear that content integration is of critical importance to overall content management initiatives, and in this case, to FileNet customers," said Stuart Levinson, president and CEO, Venetica. "We are excited to have FileNet embrace our technology. This relationship further validates our position as the industry standard for content integration."

"We see Virtual Content Management capabilities as key in delivering on the true promise of Enterprise Content Management — bringing together content, process and connectivity to drive decision making," said Michael W. Harris, senior vice president, product marketing, strategy and corporate communications for FileNet. "Our partnership with Venetica can enable seamless access to content stored in multiple repositories from within the FileNet P8 environment. We're partnering with Venetica because of their expertise in content integration."

About Venetica

Venetica is the leading provider of content integration software. The company's flagship product, VeniceBridge, dramatically reduces the cost and complexity associated with creating content-rich applications such as portals, collaborative applications, CRM and others. At the heart of VeniceBridge is a consistent, bidirectional interface that enables applications to quickly integrate with multiple, disparate content repositories and business processes. VeniceBridge delivers further competitive advantage to today's real-time enterprise by providing relevant views of content and processes that are reusable across enterprise applications. Venetica partners with leading software vendors and system integrators in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region to deliver solutions around the world. For more information on Venetica please visit

About FileNet

FileNet Corporation helps organizations make better decisions by managing the content and processes that drive their business. FileNet's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions allow customers to build and sustain competitive advantage by managing content throughout their organizations, automating and streamlining their business processes, and providing the full spectrum of connectivity needed to simplify their critical and everyday decision making. FileNet ECM solutions deliver a comprehensive set of capabilities that integrate with existing information systems to provide cost-effective solutions that solve real-world business problems. Since the Company's founding in 1982, 3,900 organizations, including 80 of the Fortune 100, have taken advantage of FileNet solutions for help in managing their mission-critical content and processes. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., the Company markets its innovative ECM solutions in more than 90 countries through its own global sales, professional services and support organizations, as well as via its ValueNet Partner network of resellers, system integrators and application developers.

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Mercado Software Announces the Release of Its Next Generation Enterprise Search & Navigation Solution

ESN Is Differentiated from Traditional Search Solutions by Its Ability to Deliver a Unified View of All Enterprise Information and by Its Native Design for the Emerging Web Services IT Environment

Fremont, CA — May 19, 2003 — Mercado Software Inc., a leading provider of enterprise search and browse solutions, announced today that it has released its Enterprise Search & Navigation (ESN) solution. Designed from the ground up for the emerging Web services enterprise architecture, ESN provides a powerful solution for locating information scattered across multiple information repositories and stored in disparate data formats. ESN helps businesses reduce costs and increase revenues throughout the enterprise by providing employees, partners, and customers with the ability to access the right information quickly and easily.

ESN is the result of Mercado's mission to create a next generation enterprise search and navigation solution addressing the challenges of enterprise-wide information retrieval. Its release completes a major R&D and market research effort that started in early 2001, with over 80 person years invested. Numerous existing Mercado customers have already indicated their intent to migrate to ESN, and to expand its use to multiple applications within their organizations. One Fortune 25 company has already selected ESN as its standard enterprise search solution, and is starting to implement ESN on its intranet and within its call center.

"The enterprise information infrastructure has evolved into a complex landscape where unified access to both unstructured content and structured data is critical to success in numerous business areas. The problem is that information is scattered throughout the organization in multiple repositories," said Sue Feldman, vice president of content management and retrieval software for IDC. "We are witnessing the emergence of a new class of Web services-based retrieval solutions designed to deal with these issues. Modern search and navigation solutions must unify database and content technologies and utilize structural information, context and powerful linguistic analysis to return appropriate answers across multiple repositories. They must also adhere to industry standards such as Web services and XML to minimize integration and operational costs. With the release of ESN, Mercado is delivering a very well architected product to address the challenges of effective enterprise wide information retrieval."

ESN provides a single point of information access for users to effectively explore all organizational information, whether it is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured content. ESN utilizes extensive linguistic tools and a patented hierarchical indexing that uses structure in addition to text to optimize relevancy ranking for all content types. Absolute ranking across heterogeneous content ensures that ESN returns the most pertinent information — regardless of its format and location. Absolute ranking is a significant advance over traditional search solutions, whose ranking is highly dependent on the content's format.

ESN's modular architecture is highly adaptive to existing systems and new data sources and is easily customizable to address business needs. Its standards-based XML and SOAP architecture simplifies integration and maintenance. The solution is scalable to any data volume and user load, and features a quick update capability that ensures the freshness of the search indices. ESN's information promotion, analysis, and customization features ensure that the search application fulfills the enterprise's business objectives.

ESN's robust combination of intuitive free text search and dynamic browse engages users in a dialogue and provides them with appropriate options at every step to help them find relevant information. This effective information-finding capability delivers numerous enterprise benefits. Businesses can reduce operating costs by improving the efficiency and productivity of their employees. E-commerce ventures can increase their online revenues. Knowledge workers can find exactly the information they seek, better equipping them to make good decisions. Furthermore, the Web services architecture considerably reduces deployment and maintenance costs, and ensures the solution will grow with the business.

"Enterprise Search & Navigation represents the next step forward in enterprise information finding capabilities," said Menachem Cohen, president and CEO of Mercado Software. "While organizations understand the need to quickly and easily access complex information contained in multiple locations and formats, they have not been able to achieve this goal due to the technical challenges it creates. ESN's next-generation technology and architecture can now resolve these issues, and we are looking forward to delivering these new capabilities to the market."

About Mercado Software

Mercado Software is a leading provider of enterprise search and browse solutions. Mercado's flagship product, Enterprise Search & Navigation, provides an effective approach to connecting customers, partners, and employees with the right information, and offers outstanding return on investment for a broad range of enterprise applications. Mercado's customers include,, Boise Office Solutions, Caterpillar, Tower Records, Sears, Bell Canada, and John Lewis. Mercado's unique technology, combined with its commitment to innovation and its experienced team, delivers bottom line results for its customers. Such benefits include increased revenues, higher productivity, reduced operational costs, and improved customer satisfaction. For more information about Mercado Software, please visit, or call 888/376-1400.

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