Quality Management's Impact on Corporate Performance is often Misunderstood and Underestimated

New Aberdeen report benchmarks how Best-in-Class manufacturers are effectively ensuring quality throughout the design make deliver processes

CLEVELAND, OH ¨C IQS Inc. announces the availability of a new benchmark report "Closed Loop Enterprise Quality Management", from the Aberdeen Group, a Harte©\Hanks Company. The study outlines top pressures driving manufactures to focus on enterprise quality management initiatives, such as the need to ensure customer satisfaction and to reduce the cost of quality. The study provides actionable steps for manufacturers to transform their business, and begin to create a closedloop enterprise system that aligns the entire value chain with a single view of quality execution. The report substantiates the need for quality management to be pervasive across the organization through standardized and optimized processes, actionable knowledge management, and the use of interoperable technology enablers. Combined, this effort creates a Best©\in©\Class environment where performance measurements can be standardized and where quality metrics can be logically linked to operational metrics. "Manufacturing executives face many pressures today and often these pressures are competing when we talk about quality," said Matthew Littlefield, a Senior Research Analyst with the Aberdeen Group. "This new Aberdeen research will provide a roadmap for intelligently managing quality across the design©\to©\delivery business process; highlighting which business capabilities and technology enablers truly enable Best©\in©\Class performance." "IQS delivers a quality and compliance management platform that enables companies to deploy a closed©\loop, enterprisewide solution as outlined in the Aberdeen study," said Michael Rapaport, President and CEO of IQS. "There's tremendous synergy with the reports focus on technology interoperability, process optimization and metrics that matter. IQS' proven model has guided many customers in realizing the value of a Closed Loop Enterprise Quality Management System." The Aberdeen Group report was underwritten in part by IQS. A complimentary copy can be downloaded at: www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?cid=5978.