Cooking up a Competitive Supply Chain

Integrated Warehousing Solutions' focus on the supply chain's last mile what the recipe for success that Stonewall Kitchen needed

In 2004, Stonewall Kitchen was at a critical point: its brand was growing and business was booming even while operations were still managed according to 20th century standards. The company had two, 20,000-square foot buildings that, in addition to being 10 miles apart, were bursting at the seams, especially during peak seasons. Additionally, the team used a manual process for checking inventory in the warehouse four times a year and finding 5-10 percent variance every time. Stonewall Kitchen's management team realized that staying competitive required an overhaul to design, implement and maintain a supply chain that could address the 21st-century issues of being a consumer goods manufacturer: leaner and more responsive with highly diversified product lines to suit consumers constant craving for something new and different. To become a demand-driven enterprise, a critical area of focus was the "last mile of the supply chain"...

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