Welcoming the Locus Bot to the World of e-Commerce

The multi robot warehouse fulfillment system is designed to increase throughput for e-commerce fulfillment

Locus Robotics

Welcoming Locus bot to the world of eCommerce - thanks Quiet Logistics for inviting DGA to film the big launch. DP Jan Maliszewski, cameraman/editor Michael Andrus, drone op Jeremy Bondhttp://locusrobotics.com/index.php

Posted by DGA PRODUCTIONS on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Locus Robotics Corporation announced the first deployment of its new multi robot warehouse fulfillment system. The Locus solution moves customer orders out the door more quickly, more accurately and more efficiently by reimagining the role of robots within the warehouse environment. Working within the client’s current infrastructure, the system reduces costs and increases productivity, all with improved order accuracy and time to ship.