Boeing Relies on Retired Workers to Help Manage Supply Chain

As unfinished 737s pile up, Boeing has called on retired workers to help manage their supply chain.


A Boeing plant near Seattle is seeing a high rate of unfinished 737s on a tarmac. As the company continues to struggle to keep up with demand, it's calling back retired workers to help finish putting the planes together. 

NPR reports that Boeing has rented a taxiway at the Renton Municipal Airport to park their unfinished 737 planes, the company's most successful jet. The aircraft maker has made a goal to make 52 planes a month, rounding out at about three a day. However, the pace slowed down this summer as suppliers couldn't keep up with increased rates. 

Boeing employees are reportedly putting in overtime and have called back retired workers to help catch up, NPR reports. The company reportedly has around 85 unfinished jets that need to be completed for orders that are already late to be delivered. The hold is up tying up around $10 billion for Boeing, NPR reports. 

At an investor conference Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said that the company has experienced challenges while attempting to beef up its supply chains and is now working through some recovery actions. 

With the additional help, manufacturing of the airplane is back on track, Muilenburg reassured. 

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