Warehouses Unfit to Handle E-Commerce Boom

As retailers take to online sales, warehouses are in high demand, but supply is limited.


According to a survey by CBRE, the average U.S. warehouse is 34 years old. With that age, it's likely that it won't be able to keep with with the growth of e-commerce. 

CBRE found that warehouses built before 2005 lack the modern upgrades needed to maintain e-commerce fulfillment. Ceilings are low, flooring is uneven and space is becoming increasingly tight.

The oldest warehouses are spread across the Northeast region of the United States. However, new construction of facilities has been hitting the West and South.

More than 1 billion square feet of modern warehouse pace has been constructed within the last ten years, but that only accounts for 11 percent of total warehouse inventory in the country. Almost 1 billion square feet is more than 50 years old.

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