6 River Systems Raises $25 Million

6 River Systems announced that it raised $25 million to make warehouse fulfillment easier.

6 Rivers2

6 River Systems announced that it had raised $25 million to make warehouse fulfillment easier. The Series B round was led by Menlo Ventures and Matt Murphy will join the 6 River Systems board as a result of the deal. 

6 River Systems builds autonomous robots for warehouse use. The robots work with humans to accomplish fulfillment tasks and help guide workers to items on shelves to be sent for shipping. The autonomous robot, affectionately named Chuck, can lead workers to where an item is on the shelf and let them know how much is needed. 

The robots will be able to make decisions about the route it takes to get through the warehouse, ensuring the most efficient use of time so that products can be fulfilled quickly. The robots also collect data as it goes to provide insights that can be used by customers to make decisions about fulfillment problems.

The only thing that a warehouse needs to make this possible is simply a WiFi connection.

With the series B round, the company is aiming for three primary things: to accelerate its current programs to add more machine learning capabilities, to provide more software solutions to customers and hire at least 80 more people.

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