Adore Me Challenges Victoria's Secret

E-commerce lingerie retailer, Adore Me, is challenging Victoria's Secret by opening 200 physical stores.


E-commerce lingerie retailer Adore Me is planning on challenging Victoria's Secret by building a physical store presence within the next five years. The retailer will establish seven to 10 locations in 2018, and hope to expand up to 300 stores. Many of the stores will be in the same malls that has Victoria's Secret locations.

That is just a small fraction of the physical presence that Victoria's secret has, though. As of 2016, Victoria's Secret has over 1,000 physical stores in the U.S.  

Adore Me gives customers the option to a subscription service where they can order a set of lingerie each month for $24.95, including free shipping. Every sixth set that is ordered is free. If a customer chooses to not have a subscription, they will have to pay regular price for the item.

The retailer is exploring special features for its locations. Salespeople will use mobile devices to check out shoppers instead of traditional POS stations, and some locations may feature a bar where shoppers can socialize.

Even though Adore Me sees brick-and-mortar stores as a crucial part of its development, other online lingerie retailers don't agree. Lively started opening temporary stores in January with the focus on driving digital impressions and ThirdLove believes the future of shopping is online and not in-store. 

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