New GAIN Clean Fuel Station to Power Delco Foods Fleet

One of the main advantages for fleets converting to CNG is that it is a cost-effective alternative to diesel fuel

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Appleton, Wis.July 29, 2014Delco Foods and U.S. Oil partnered to build a new GAIN Clean Fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Indianapolis. The new GAIN station, to be located at 8775 Zionsville Road, will supply Delco Foods as it converts its fleet to the more environmentally friendly fuel alternative. Delco Foods, an Italian and specialty food distribution company, ships its products throughout the Midwest out of its Indianapolis warehouse.

As a family-owned business operating in Indianapolis since 1956, Delco is committed to lowering emissions and utilizing domestic energy sources as the next step in its continuing green initiative. Delco’s Vice President of Operations Bill Dollard recognizes the importance of fuel efficiency and using clean energy: “This is a great opportunity as it will help us continue to improve the value of our Delco’s products and services.”
The station will be complete in November and will be located just minutes away from Delco Foods’ distribution facility. The station will be open for use by other carriers and the general public.
U.S. Oil’s agreement with Delco Foods delivers not only easy access to CNG for Delco’s fleet, but establishes another strategically located GAIN Clean Fuel station. “This Indianapolis station is another key Midwest location for us and continues our buildup of a national CNG network,” said Bill Renz, GAIN Clean Fuel general manager. “Not only does the location benefit Delco Foods due to its proximity to Delco’s facilities, but it also a great location for other regional and national carriers traveling this route.”
U.S. Oil currently operates 17 GAIN Clean Fuel stations and is in the process of constructing 15 more stations. “We continue to see fast-paced growth in the demand for CNG throughout the United States and in the Midwest,” explained Renz. “We hope that, as we build out our network, other regional and national carriers will see the advantages, both in lower costs and reduced emissions, and use that as an incentive to consider converting their fleets.”
U.S. Oil plans to have more than 100 GAIN Clean Fuel stations operating within the next three years. “Our goal is to have a GAIN CNG network in place that will provide easy access for local, regional and national carriers,” Renz stated. “Each additional station we build adds to the growing list of CNG stations across the country, which makes the decision to switch to CNG easier for carriers.”
One of the main advantages for fleets converting to CNG is that it is a cost-effective alternative to diesel fuel, offering a savings of more than $2 per gallon equivalent. In addition, CNG is more environmentally friendly than diesel fuel, which helps carriers achieve their green initiatives as many companies now list going green as one of their corporate objectives. CNG delivers both lower fuel costs and reduced emissions.
The new station, like all other GAIN stations, will provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities. The station will also have fleet card acceptance capabilities for trucker convenience and provide reliability to insure that fleets have a consistent fuel source.

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