Orchestro-to-Go Launches on the iPad

Orchestro-to-Go can help steer resources to the greatest potential gains and create true field visibility for retail execution

McLean, Va.Nov. 1, 2013Orchestro’s new iPad app gives consumer packaged goods (CPG) field teams actionable intelligence to make the most of every store visit and solve on-shelf availability at the point of truth—the retail shelf.

Orchestro-to-Go puts the power of the demand signal repository (DSR) and advanced algorithms at the fingertips of field personnel to steer resources to the greatest potential gains, to maximize every store manager conversation and to create true field visibility for retail execution. 

“In the fast-paced and data-driven world of consumer-driven supply chains, retail execution is defined store by store, product by product, opportunity by opportunity,” said Dave Shuman, Orchestro vice president of product strategy. “Field teams need intelligence at the shelf, applying data science to make the most of every store visit.”

Orchestro-to-Go gives CPG teams new ability to:

  • Chart store visits to address the most pressing issues and the greatest potential gains.
  • Understand product sales by store and category to swiftly identify anomalies and remediate issues.
  • Detect store trends and compare present-day performance against historical benchmarks.
  • Correct off-shelf events and fine-tune data algorithms to avoid costly out of stocks.

For more than a decade, Orchestro has been making sense of complex consumer and channel data streams to help category managers accurately sense demand. This mobile extension of Orchestro’s cloud-native applications attacks an endemic issue in the retail and consumer goods industries by ensuring that products are on the shelf when consumers are ready to buy.

Orchestro’s first iPad app gives real-time visibility into product and category performance. This contextual data, along with the capability to capture present-day data at the shelf, allows field representatives to quickly identify potential issues and take appropriate intervention measures. Closed-loop communication between the field and a corporate DSR creates a wealth of data to continually improve retail execution.

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