Paragon Software Announces National Street Level Routing and Scheduling in China

Accurate mapping data allows optimized routes & schedules for transport operations

Dallas—June 19, 2013—Paragon Software Systems, a provider of vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solutions, launched national street level mapping for routing vehicles in mainland China. The mapping allows users of the Paragon software to create optimized routes and schedules for their transport operations in China using accurate data. The street level mapping capability reinforces Paragon’s commitment to delivering transport optimization solutions to customers worldwide wherever they may be operating.

"Paragon software is now ready for routing and scheduling optimization in China at the same level of detail and complexity available to users elsewhere in the world," said William Salter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Software Systems Inc. "We believe we are one of the first companies to have overcome the technical and legal challenges to provide a fully functional, fully featured transport planning solution for customers in China. We have already installed Paragon in Chinese with the fully licensed China map for our first customer in Shanghai."

This implementation follows Paragon’s recent announcement about its implementation of Simplified Chinese language into its software. Paragon software is Unicode compliant, which makes it possible to translate it into any language and enables its use anywhere in the world. This includes languages that use special characters such as those in Simplified Chinese, the written language for mainland China. The company offers a number of language options including English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian and Croatian.

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