Isotrak Unveils New Capabilities for Trailer Tracking Module

Updated features enable fleet operators to save up to 10 percent on fleet size

San DiegoJune 05, 2013—Global provider of GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions Isotrak Inc. announced that the trailer tracking component of its fleet management system ATMSi significantly improves trailer utilization, resulting in up to 10 percent savings on fleet size. Through round the clock monitoring, alerts and real-time visibility to all the trailers that are in use, ATMSi provides data and analysis to reduce the number of trailers needed to manage the same workload and take unnecessary assets off the road. With the high cost of trailers and the associated running expenses, optimizing trailer inventory is critical for today’s fleets.

“Whether the trailers are owned or leased, or whether companies move their own trailers or use third-party carriers to move them on their behalf, it’s essential to have a robust trailer tracking system like ours to closely monitor movement, utilization and efficiency,” said Alex Ognjanac, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Isotrak Inc. “By understanding how their trailer fleet is performing, or not performing, customers gain a clearer understanding of their overall fleet performance and therefore can map out a path to savings. In turn, their customer service also improves as they are providing accountability for the goods they are delivering.”

While reducing a trailer fleet has proven invaluable to Isotrak customers, there are more advanced features within ATMSi that work in parallel with trailer tracking to deliver a more powerful, combined solution. ATMSi’s Job Management capabilities tie into trailer tracking to actively measure plan versus actual performance. Customers can set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor real-time trailer performance against their plan, as it relates to on-time departures, arrivals and ETAs. When the plan goes off track, alerts are sent out, notifying transportation managers in real-time so that they can make the necessary changes and minimize disruption.

In addition to monitoring plan versus actual, other areas for increased efficiency and cost savings from Isotrak’s trailer tracking include:

  • Setting geofences around depots and customer stores to alert managers when a trailer is 20 minutes away (customer specified), giving them the opportunity to assemble a team to unload and turn around the trailer in the most efficient way possible. Alternatively, geofences can be set around restricted places to let transportation managers know when a trailer is somewhere it shouldn’t be.
  • For those running refrigerated trailers, temperature monitoring can be done easily and automatically, allowing for 100 percent control over quality of refrigerated products. Temperatures are monitored in real-time with alerting recorded to set point information.
  • Providing alerts and reports to monitor other pertinent trailer information including maintenance and scheduling. Both the owning and visiting locations can be alerted to upcoming service requirements, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents or damage, and enhancing the overall audit trail and compliance.
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