New Report from Pace Harmon Helps Organizations Navigate IT Insourcing Decisions

Top IT insourcing considerations Include assessing outsourcing versus internal delivery value proposition and feasibility of executing repatriation activities

Vienna, Va.May 29, 2013—As many global Fortune 500 organizations now consider IT insourcing as part of a thorough re-evaluation of their existing service delivery models, outsourcing advisory firm Pace Harmon published its “Are You Ready for Insourcing?” report to discuss key market drivers behind insourcing; and best practice advice for insourcing readiness assessment.

“We expect companies to continue repatriating a portion of their IT functions in the near term as a viable approach for quickly building internal knowledge capital and operational flexibility,” said Christopher Stacy, Senior Associate, Pace Harmon. “However, full-fledged insourcing—while certainly attempted by bold leaders like GM—will take some time to prove itself as a viable industry model.”

Per the report, Pace Harmon advises companies that currently outsource to review the value proposition offered by their delivery partners and assess the role and position of their IT function within the organization. If insourcing is determined to be a potential future strategy, a comprehensive feasibility analysis should be performed. As such, a “Top 10 Insourcing Considerations” list is included in the report to help companies assess key factors such as the business case; contractual barriers; technical complexity; and schedule of transition—as well as facility space; technology infrastructure; and process maturity. These preparatory steps, among others, will maximize the chances of success in transition and will enable in-house service delivery that meets the expectations of the organization.

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