pointGUARD Pallet Protector Debuts at ProMat 2013

New developments for wooden pallet industry decreases pallet damage during forklift operations at high-impact areas

Chicago—Jan. 22, 2013pointGUARD’s LX40S and LX40B next-generation plastic pallet protectors, designed for a 40-inch opening on a stringer and block, are now on display during ProMat 2013 at booth #1784.

The pointGUARD plastic shield system features a specially designed protection system to reduce forklift damage to wooden pallets in common high-impact areas.

Tested by Virginia Tech University’s Center for Unit Load Design, the pointGUARD plastic pallet protector extends the lifespan of wooden pallets by 400 percent or more. Invented and patented by United Pallet Services Inc. and plastic industry experts, the product is made from recycled plastic components but provides a price point more towards the cost of a wooden pallet.

“It’s best suited for closed-loop or captive pallet environments,” confirmed Wayne Randall, President, United Pallet Services Inc. “The pointGUARD was developed in response to a problem that plagued one of our largest customers—product damage. This agricultural company in California loses $10 to $15 million per year in product loss caused by damaged pallets. A company that is concerned with the bottom line will see immediate financial results with less pallet repair, less product damage and a greater reduction in wood chips or debris breaking away from a wooden pallet all the while using a hybrid wood/plastic sustainable product.”

For more information, visit www.palletpointguard.com.