Damco Moving Headquarters to The Hague, Netherlands

Relocation will bring freight forwarder closer to main air and sea carriers

Copenhagen—Sept. 11, 2012—Global freight forwarder and logistics provider, Damco, is moving its headquarters from Copenhagen, Denmark to The Hague, Netherlands. The move, which should be completed in the first quarter of 2013 will bring Damco closer to the heart of the European logistics community and supports its strategy to become a Top-5 industry player in the years to come.

“In The Hague, we will be closer to many of our customers, our main air and sea carriers, Europe’s biggest transportation hubs, as well as our competition and the kind of additional international logistics experience we’ll be looking to hire as we continue to grow,” said Damco CEO, Rolf Habben-Jansen.

“Our goals are ambitious and to reach them will require a combination of organic growth and selected acquisitions as well as strict attention to all of our costs. Only that will create the needed flexibility to invest when opportunities arise,” added Habben-Jansen.

The move to The Hague will allow Damco to further optimize its cost structure, bringing it closer to the level of its primary competitors in the region.

There are approximately 150 positions in Damco’s Copenhagen headquarters. Except for approximately 75 positions that will remain in Copenhagen to continue handling IT functions, all positions are expected to be affected by the move.