Triad Isotopes Awarded Distribution Contract with Novation

Supplier to provide high and low energy radiopharmaceutical products to U.S. Healthcare GPO

Orlando, Fla.July 09, 2012—Following an extensive competitive bid process, Triad Isotopes Inc. was awarded a contract as a radiopharmaceutical supplier for Novation, a national Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) serving the healthcare industry. Triad Isotopes will supply Novation with both high energy and low energy nuclear pharmacy products.

“Over 1200 VHA, UHC and Provista members take advantage of the combined purchasing power through Novation agreements to secure nuclear pharmacy products,” said Pedram Pahlavan, Director of Pharmacy Services and Contracting, Novation. “Triad’s ability to reach a large majority of the members we serve, along with an outstanding value proposition and great track record for customer service, set them apart. Novation alliance members deserve the depth of value and level of service that Triad brings to the table.”

The Novation contract is a five-year award to provide radiopharmaceutical products at negotiated prices to the VHA, UHC and Provista members. Triad Isotopes is one of three companies selected to provide low energy products and one of four companies selected to serve high energy customers for the period extending from July 2012 through June 2017.

“We are honored to have been selected by Novation and look forward to being part of their growth and the growth of the healthcare members they serve,” said Dom Meffe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Triad Isotopes Inc. “In a time of dynamic change throughout the healthcare industry, it is essential that we remain focused on providing the best possible value without sacrificing the highest-quality care. That is the common ground we share, and it’s what makes this partnership a great fit for both of our organizations.”