MarketLive Shares Jump Start Program Results

Program cuts new site costs while enabling ecommerce functionality

Petaluma, Calif.—June 29, 2012—MarketLive Inc., an ecommerce retail technology and services provider, announced that within the past 12 months, nearly a dozen new MarketLive customers have launched ecommerce sites with its Jump Start Program. Such customers include Brown Jordan; Eastland Shoes; Dr. Brandt; Berkshire Blankets; Big Buddha; and Jessica Simpson. A dozen others are expected to launch later this year.

“Thanks to MarketLive's Jump Start Program, we were able to cost-effectively launch a new ecommerce site in less than 90 days without comprising functionality or performance,” said Paul Dempsey, Manager of ecommerce at Brown Jordan International. “MarketLive's leading-edge technology, seamlessly integrated features for social and mobile, as well as the company's true partnership approach won us over and we couldn't be more pleased with the results.”

MarketLive's Jump Start program cuts the cost for launching a new site while enabling enterprise-class ecommerce capability and functionality. It combines robust, enterprise-class technology and functionality with industry leading professional services. Functionality and features include superior personalization capability; advanced segmentation; comprehensive content management; complex discounting; user interface flexibility; a sophisticated search engine; fully integrated email; as well as integrated social and mobile—all within the MarketLive Intelligent ecommerce platform. The program also offers rapid deployment and time-to-market at a price that is affordable for midsize retailers.

“Jump Start has proven to be an extremely successful and highly effective program,” said Mark Pierce, Chief Executive Officer of MarketLive. “It's given a broader range of retailers the opportunity to launch powerful ecommerce sites with features and functionality that was simply unaffordable and out of reach before now. In addition to new retail sites, the program also allows existing retailers to launch new sites as they expand into additional markets, test new merchandising and marketing concepts, add brands, and grow product offerings.”