Syncron Announces 2012 Solution Suite

Syncron’s global supply chain and price optimization solutions now cloud-enabled

Stockholm, SwedenMay 22, 2012—Global provider of supply chain and price optimization solutions Syncron International AB announced the release of its 2012 solution suite.

With the new generation of the Syncron solution suite users will experience improvements in their business performance, user friendliness and best-in-class capabilities for inventory and price optimization. Response-times are up to 10 times faster making it easy to handle large data sets and conduct ad-hoc analysis based on real time data with Syncron’s embedded business analysis tool, Advanced Analytics.

“Our commitment to developing world-leading supply chain and price applications is driven in partnership with some of the most sophisticated and advanced companies in the world, our customer base,” said Erik Lindholm, Head of Product Management at Syncron. We are very proud to release the 2012 version of the Syncron solution suite, knowing how much value it will deliver to existing and future clients.”

The news provides the foundation for improved accessibility with Syncron For The Road, a software app that allows supply chain and pricing professionals to securely monitor and manage their processes and activity from a mobile device or tablet computer.

Now Syncron 2012 is fully cloud-enabled to simplify the installation, setup, configuration and management of the software which brings a significant cost advantage for customers. Syncron Cloud applications eliminate all software and hardware maintenance requirements to enable users to focus solely on their core business objectives, and simply access the software applications over the internet.