Integrated Autonomous Mobile Robot with Lifter and Roller Modules

OMRON launched new mid-range autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) -- the MD-650 and MD-900 with mobile robotic equipment (MRE) from ROEQ.

Omron Amr

OMRON launched new mid-range autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) -- the MD-650 and MD-900 with mobile robotic equipment (MRE) from ROEQ.

“Manufacturers are adopting AMR technology at a staggering rate as the world moves forward from the supply chain crisis inflicted by the pandemic and it’s never been more important to launch complete, out of the box solutions accelerating production automation projects,” says Kyle Hable, group product manager, OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies, Inc.

Key takeaways:


  • TML500/TML750 Lifter is a versatile flat top lifter solution enabling the MD Series to safely pick up, transport, and drop off pallets and cargo up to 1,120 pounds with the MD-650, and 1,680 pounds with MD-900. A new ROEQ PR750 Pallet Rack is also available with a space saving Multi Rack option. An optional ROEQ Cargo Sensor Kit provides additional control to ensure goods stay in place on the AMR.
  • TR600/TR700 Roller is a heavy-duty top roller allowing the MD Series to pick up and deliver heavy goods, up to 1,490 pounds between conveyor stations. The full solution includes the ROEQ GuardCom system, which provides additional safety and efficiency when transferring between the top roller and the receiving station, using robust sensor technology.
  • Both modules come with ROEQ Assist software for fast and consistent set up and are compliant with safety standards. A ROEQ cart solution, boosting the payload capacity of the MD-series, will be released later this year.

“We’ve continued a strong partnership with ROEQ throughout the MD product launch to enable customers the shortest possible return on investment when combining OMRON and ROEQ products,” says Hable. “Now, customers can focus on integrating AMR technology into their unique processes more effectively rather than learning the intricacies of AMR project development.”

“Each company added their unique product know-how, resulting in a synergetic development process where we created a truly seamless experience between MRE and AMR on both the hardware and software side. We are expecting significant market traction with any business needing to optimize internal goods transfer, free up manual labor, and reduce cycle times,” adds Michael Ejstrup Hansen, managing director at ROEQ.