ARCHIVED: Supply Chain Continuity: Your Blind Spot in Economic Recovery?

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It's no surprise that the recession made front-page news of the supply chain. Almost overnight, demand was slashed and inventory consumption was stretched out for quarters as orders were canceled and channels became dangerously lean to free up cash. Meanwhile, upstream supply was equally volatile, as component discontinuances flooded the marketplace and suppliers rationalized their portfolios to cuts costs and remain profitable. But will the knockout punch actually come from the economic recovery? Economic woes have overshadowed a critical inflection point in supply chain history: An abrupt shift from the legacy supply chain moving traditional materials to one fueled by a new generation of sustainable, environmentally compliant chemicals and materials. Join IHS’ Rory King as we discuss the continuity implications of the recession upon the supply chain, and why it is the supply chain where winners and losers will be made in the recovery.