Pros to Know: XPO’s Kevin Flynn Talks Collaboration and Teamwork

Kevin Flynn, VP, national sales of XPO, was named one of the Top Shippers for this year’s Pros to Know award.

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Kevin Flynn, VP, national sales of XPO, was named one of the Top Shippers for this year’s Pros to Know award, presented by Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

We talk exclusively with Flynn about his journey, his goals, what he would tell his future self and the importance of working cross-functionally with internal business partners.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: Let’s first talk about you. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your journey to get to this current stage in your career?

Kevin Flynn: I began my career as an inside sales rep for FedEx almost two decades ago. I was fresh out of college and knew almost nothing about the freight transportation industry, but I jumped right in and started learning the business. This led to a field sales position in New York City and, ultimately, leadership positions at the company. As I began to manage other sales professionals and an increasingly large book of business, I learned a lot from the leaders around me. By evaluating the traits that I liked and disliked, I was able to hone my own leadership style.

Just over six years ago, I had the opportunity to join XPO and haven’t looked back. I currently serve as VP, national sales, working with some of the world’s largest brands to support their LTL shipping needs. I’ve also held several other leadership positions on our sales team, including in business development and inside sales. Regardless of the role, I focus on supporting my colleagues and our customers so that we can all do our best work.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive: One of the things outlined in your submission how you’ve worked cross-functionally with internal business partners to build out a team that would secure the national-level customers. Walk me through the importance of encouraging cross functionality across teams.

Flynn: Successful leaders know what they don’t know. That’s why it’s so important for leaders to develop relationships throughout the company and call on other functions for support when they need it. I am a firm believer that every sell is a team sell, from local operations, to national sellers, to C-level sponsors. Through our collective expertise and collaboration, we can act as one team for the customer.  


Supply & Demand Chain Executive: There’s so much going on in the shipping world, and in the supply chain in general. What have you and your company done to help customers improve visibility and optimization?

Flynn: Since XPO transitioned to a standalone North American LTL carrier two years ago, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to becoming the customer service leader in our industry. With nearly 300 service centers from coast-to-coast, our network is built to deliver freight damage-free, fast and on time. And thanks to our cutting-edge digital technology, customers can find everything they need to quote, ship and track freight with just a few clicks.

We’re also excited about our new suite of Premium Services, which provide unparalleled support for customers’ most important shipments. From customizable retail rollout programs to priority handling and 24/7 tracking visibility for Must Arrive by Date (MABD) shipments, these services give our customers a peace of mind for their supply chains.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive: If you could have a conversation with your younger self, what would you tell him?

Flynn: First and foremost: be patient. Earlier in my career, I was always looking ahead to the next promotion and the next position. But I quickly came to understand that growth takes time. By learning from my peers – especially the ones who were in more senior roles – and focusing on getting better each and every day, I was eventually able to grow into those positions myself.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive: What would you want to tell your future self?

Flynn: Stay hungry. Our priority at XPO is to provide world-class service for our customers, and we’re always looking for opportunities to innovate and improve. None of that would be possible without the hard work of our employees, so I would also tell my future self to continue creating an atmosphere where people feel supported and empowered. I want my team to look forward to coming to work every day as much as I do.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive: You’ve been named one of our Top Shippers winners from this year’s Pros to Know award. What advice do you have for other shippers in the supply chain?

Flynn: COVID taught the world – including shippers – a lot about change. We were confronted with an unprecedented situation and had to react quickly, without a clear roadmap, to keep our customers’ freight moving and the economy on track. One of the lessons I gained from that experience, and from working through other periods of change in our industry, is the importance of perspective. Always take a step back and think critically before jumping into action. If you can maintain your patience, honesty and integrity, you’ll do right by your colleagues and customers.

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