DACHSER Allows LCL Services Between Europe and Chile

DACHSER is now allowing shippers to use its LCL services from Hamburg to San Antonio through fixed weekly schedules.


DACHSER announced that shippers looking for direct access from Europe to Chile can now take advantage of its new fixed weekly schedule of LCL services departing from Hamburg to San Antonio.

“Referring to ‘less than container load,’ our new LCL service is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers with smaller merchandise quantities. The service not only optimizes efficiencies and reduces costs, but the fixed weekly schedule improves the planning process,” said Guido Gries, managing director, DACHSER Americas.

With this consolidated maritime freight service, DACHSER collects container shipments from several European countries and consolidates the freight at its warehouse in Hamburg. From there, the shipment departs out of Hamburg to its final destination of San Antonio. Through DACHSER’s robust network, this service connects Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia to the Chilean market.

Businesses benefit from seamless connection of customer markets in Chile, including collection and delivery of their valuable goods, from door-to-door.

 “An effective LCL service comes down to timing—from the coordination of the grouping of goods and to the fixed container trips between ports. Our management of this timing allows our customers the benefit of improved planning and transit times as well as transparency of their shipments,” said Mr. Gries.

Further, DACHSER offers interlocked logistics solutions through its DACHSER Road Logistics and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics business fields, with services including transportation, warehousing and complementing value-added services. DACHSER also handles pre-carriage through its comprehensive European overland transportation network. This integrated service offers considerable benefits to DACHSER customers. These shipments can be tracked transparently from the supplier in Europe to a recipient in Chile or anywhere in the world.

“The service offers customers streamlined container coordination and management of all sea freight imports deployed on first class carriers to Chile,” added Mr. Gries. “Thanks to our extensive European logistics network we can offer seamless visibility from the door of the supplier in Europe to the final destination.”