Ware2Go Offsets Carbon Emissions

Ware2Go and Pachama ban together to help reduce and offset carbon emissions for all small parcel, LTL, FTL, and air shipments within their network.

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Ware2Go and Pachama work together for numerous carbon offset programs, with analysts working to determine the monthly carbon emissions in metric tons of all shipments across Ware2Go’s network. Ware2Go will then look to carbon credits, purchasing them on their clients behalf, to restore vital ecosystems, prevent deforestation of old-growth forests, and transition working forests to sustainable forests with mature trees that are capable of sequestering a high volume of CO2, it says. Not only is Ware2Go hoping to drive sustainability in the industry but it also helps align its clients better with consumers' values who are more interested in sustainability. 

Per Ware2Go

  • Ware2Go announced the new initiative to offset carbon emissions for all small parcel, LTL, FTL, and air shipments within their network. The program will retroactively offset all shipments made since January 2021, and all Ware2Go clients are automatically enrolled at no cost to the merchant.
  • Through a partnership with Pachama, Ware2Go will participate in a variety of carbon offset programs, from reforestation to old growth forest conservation, in order to make the maximum impact.

“O2 exists to be a force for positive change,” says Dave Colina, founder and CEO of client O2 Recovery, a Ware2Go client. “As we’ve grown, so has our carbon impact. But we’re determined to leave nothing behind but our legacy of honesty, humility and hustle. The fact that Ware2Go has made this initiative universal across their network has deepened our partnership, which is based not only on a shared commitment to the growth of our business but also on the pursuit of the most ethical practices. Ware2Go has made it easy for us to achieve both carbon neutrality and 2-day shipping, which are both very important to us and our customers.”