Ryder Teams Up with Uber for In-House Transportation

Ryder is utilizing Uber Central services to transport customers to and from its locations.


Ryder announced that it will be partnering with Uber Central, a unit of Uber for Business, to transport drivers, mechanics and customers to and from Ryder and its customer's location, DC Velocity reports. The partnership will improve routing and planning for drivers, save on fuel and increase shop productivity.

By utilizing Uber Central, Ryder will be able to identify trends and opportunities in how it manages pickup and delivery of its assets, as well as transportation of Ryder customer's drivers to a replacement vehicle, DC Velocity reports. 

Since launching last year, Uber Central allows organizations to request, manage and pay monthly for rides for others at a scale cost, according to DC Velocity. Ryder customers won't need an Uber account or the app to use the service since the company will coordinate the details with Uber Central itself. 

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