Technology, Sustainability Reign During Home Delivery World

In a world focused on last-mile delivery, innovative technology solutions come on the scene to ship goods faster and be more sustainable. Many new innovations were showcased on the floor of Home Delivery World.

littlewolf1989/Adobe Stock

It’s no secret that last-mile delivery saw tremendous growth over the past year. This made for an interesting Home Delivery World, hosted by Terrapinn, this year. Companies are now flocking to new innovative ways to improve last-mile delivery, and in diverse ways.

For instance, AxleHire showcased new storage and travel units that are extremely versatile and attach to an electric bike for delivery drives to easily maneuver in urban areas. Barcode scanner company Scandit showcased technology that allows employees to scan multiple items at the same time and also at extremely high speeds. Technology in the supply chain is now so advanced, even the barcodes have evolved.

Similar to what I saw at MODEX last year, the expo floor was filled with automated robotics systems that hep optimize the warehouse environment, which is another area growing fast. Many of the exhibitors here this year are investing further into warehousing, when they originally had not in the past, because the sector is becoming so important.

Sustainability is another vital trend seen on the floor of Home Delivery World, which grows in tandem with technology as new tech enables a more ecofriendly and resilient future for supply chains.

AxleHire’s booth was not the only delivery bike system that was there. This eco-friendly form of delivery is extremely helpful in urban environments where traffic bottlenecks plague drivers but are much easier to circumvent with a bike in a bike lane.

One of the most popular technologies on the floor this year is transportation software, helping companies combat the driver shortage, optimize their routes, capture data and so much more.

This growth in tech exhibits the growth of the industry as a whole. The more innovation happens here, the more technology we will see on the floor of a warehouse and in action on the road as it becomes more accessible cost wise and from an operations standpoint.