SAP Allows for Emissions Compliance Through Entire Product Lifecycle

SAP is growing the ability of supply chain companies and manufacturers to track the emissions of their products through their entire lifecycle. The new product allows for greater compliance and consumer transparency towards consumers.

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Consumer demand for a reduction in emissions as well as stricter regulations pushes companies in the supply chain to better track their sustainability efforts. SAP leans into this trend with a new product, SAP Product Footprint, that allows the entire lifecycle emissions of a product to be tracked. The new specific product is a part of a bigger movement from SAP aimed to drive transparency and measurement capability across the supply chain, allowing companies to move toward lower carbon emissions and more sustainable operations. 

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  • By integrating data across all solutions that govern production processes with master data from business applications such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Product Footprint Management can calculate the environmental impact of various production scenarios. For example, a cookie company can choose its source for chocolate based both on the cost of the raw material as well as on its carbon footprint. 

“Customers want it, the world needs it. There is no time to waste for businesses to act more responsibly and sustainably. Sustainability goals are increasingly as important to business success as financial goals,” said Thomas Saueressig, member of the executive board of SAP SE and responsible for SAP Product Engineering. “When companies embed emissions data into underlying business processes, leaders can drive real change by making conscious decisions across the entire value chain. That is what scales the transition to low emission pathways, and SAP is uniquely positioned to drive this change throughout collaborative, intelligent and sustainable business networks.”