Kewill and LeanLogistics Rebrand as BluJay Solutions, Unveil Global Trade Network

With BluJay, organizations can easily manage goods and services across an integrated Global Trade Network.

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Kewill and LeanLogistics announced that the companies rebranded as BluJay Solutions. In conjunction with the rebranding, the company also unveiled the BluJay Global Trade Network, a new model that goes beyond automation to help organizations harness the full power of the global supply chain ecosystem.

“It’s no longer just about multimodal, omnichannel and booking tools—we’re moving toward a new era of business where global trade shifts to the forefront and supply chain becomes today’s battleground,” said Doug Braun, CEO, BluJay Solutions. “BluJay delivers the expertise, breadth of cloud-based software applications and end-to-end collaborative visibility that organizations need to make speed a competitive weapon, and optimize their future in the global economy.”

The new BluJay Solutions brand reflects the company’s unique ability to help customers achieve greater velocity of global trade and operate at the speed of business—even in the face of dynamic market forces and fluctuations in customer demand. With more than 40,000 carriers, shippers, forwarders, suppliers and local strategic partnerships (LSPs), the BluJay Global Trade Network is one of the largest in the world, creating a powerful network that delivers the benefits of universal connectivity among participants.

According to Doug Surrett, chief product strategist, BluJay Solutions, “The political environment will always change. One of our design principles for BluJay’s Global Trade Network is full integrity - ensuring frictionless and more efficient movement of goods across any border. We are constantly absorbing the regulatory changes coming out of new policies that impact global trade for our customers, so they don’t have to worry. The product is designed to constantly reflect and incorporate regulatory requirements back into the solution, keeping our customers current with regulations. In addition, the whole concept of the Global Trade Network is speed. Bringing capacity to bear where ordinarily there isn’t capacity. We are continuously improving velocity and throughput in the Global Trade Network, which means our customers can adapt quickly, keep pace with changes, and make faster decisions.

“Our customers’ success is the standard by which we measure our own,” added Braun. “The BluJay Global Trade Network exemplifies our commitment to equipping customers with the technology, services and connections they need to deliver exceptional service.”

With BluJay, organizations can easily manage goods and services across an integrated Global Trade Network; rapidly onboard services, carriers, customers and business units; and actively collaborate with trade participants to expedite trade logistics. BluJay captures all data streaming across the network, so that organizations can analyze and operationalize it to their advantage.

BluJay Solutions’ rich domain expertise in all areas vital to global trade—transportation, parcel, warehouse and customs management, as well as freight forwarding and compliance—combined with four decades of experience, make the company a trusted choice of more than 7,500 customers spanning more than 100 countries. BluJay customers include five of the top 10 food and beverage companies, 32 of the top 40 logistics service providers and 24 of the top 25 freight forwarders. With BluJay, 1.9 transportation transactions are processed and 4.5 billion boxes shipped annually.

In December, Kewill completed the integration of LeanLogistics, which it acquired in May 2016, bringing together supply chain execution and global trade management in one comprehensive and integrated portfolio of logistics applications, analytics and services—all delivered through a scalable, multi-tenant cloud.

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