INSIGHT Transportation Planning - Shipcons II

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ShipCons II is a transportation planning tool that uses optimization to drive costs out of transportation systems. Used operationally, ShipCons II routes orders by determining what combination of modes, carriers and vehicles will give you the lowest overall transportation cost. As a tactical tool, ShipCons II helps make decisions about transportation policies such as cost\benefit of a private fleet, pool point location and building TLs with stop-offs. As transportation becomes the largest and fastest growing component of logistics costs, it also represents the area with the greatest opportunity for savings. ShipCons II helps you make planning decisions that save the most money in the shortest amount of time.


Using ShipCons II, transportation planners can make routing decisions in minutes instead of hours - and know that the decisions will minimize the cost. Based on your rates and order set, ShipCons II will evaluate thousands of variables to generate the best dispatch for a given set of orders.


ShipCons II will also show you where costs are in your transportation system and how they can be managed. It determines the best method for sending orders including when to use TL (with or without stop-offs), how to lower costs by adding pools, and whether static or dynamic sourcing works best for your company. It honors the real world constraints in your system such as high customer demands, carrier commitments, vehicle and carrier capacities, and fixed routes, but also offers users full control to make changes within the software.


Based on the results of current ShipCons II customers, companies can expect to save between 7% and 17% of their transportation costs. Even the most efficiently run transportation systems can benefit from ShipCons II's advanced technology by taking advantage of immediate cost savings and increased customer service along the supply chain.

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