How Fluent Wants to Streamline Financial Supply Chains with a Blockchain

The Fluent Network is a blockchain-based financial operating network that streamlines supply chain finance

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As blockchain fever is taking hold of prominent financial industry firms around the globe, two men from Kentucky believe to have found the key to rewire international supply chain infrastructure. Fluent cofounders Lamar Wilson (CEO and developer) and Lafe Taylor (CDO) recently unveiled the Fluent Network, a blockchain-based financial operating network to streamline supply chain finance. And they've got $2.5 million in seed funding to back their efforts.

Wilson and Taylor, who previously founded the Pheeva Bitcoin wallet for iOS, are not your typical Stanford-dropout fintech architects.

Far removed from both the old money in the incumbent financial sector, as well as the new money in Silicon Valley, Wilson and Taylor met at their high school in Lexington, Kentucky. Having first discovered Bitcoin back in 2011, the two founded the Pheeva wallet in 2014, the only iOS-compatible Bitcoin wallet throughout Apple's anti-Bitcoin era.

In that same year, 2014, Wilson and Taylor also increasingly shifted their focus to Bitcoin's underlying technology, the blockchain. And—like many others—they became convinced that the innovative distributed ledger technology could fuel a parallel revolution to Bitcoin's: a revolution specifically geared toward removing friction from the existing financial infrastructure.

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