Global Shop Solutions’ New User Experience for Enterprise Resource Planning

Version 2014.1 provides detailed job costing, scheduling, inventory management, project management and other applications

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The Woodlands, TexasNov. 14, 2014Global Shop Solutions announced the impending release of Version 2014.1 of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Loaded with new features, new screens, and enhanced customization and personalization capabilities, the version release will become available for demonstration to manufacturing companies starting in August.

“We enhanced a number of system capabilities,” says Global Shop Solutions President Dusty Alexander. “But Version 2014.1 is mostly about giving our customers an industry-leading user experience. From simpler, more intuitive screens to greater customization and personalization options, Global Shop Solutions ERP is now friendlier and easier to use than ever.”

Global Shop Solutions ERP software helps manufacturing companies cut costs and lean their operations through detailed job costing, scheduling, inventory management solutions, agile project management, and other shop control applications. Global Shop customers regularly achieve results like 99 percent inventory accuracy, near-100 percent on-time delivery rates, and the total elimination of spreadsheets and duplicate data entry.

Of the many new features and upgrades in version 2014.1, three stand out for system users:

  • New main menu. A cornerstone of Version 2014.1, the new main menu’s graphical interface offers a simpler, more intuitive user experience, reducing clicks to perform actions throughout the system. Using the enhanced customization and personalization options, users can change colors and themes, create their own workspaces and application groups, and set up the menu screen based on their personal use of the system. The menu also includes a scrolling message at the bottom of the screen to broadcast important company or industry announcements and news.
  • General ledger history enhancements. Users can now move data to a history file to reduce the size of the general ledger detail file and significantly speed up processing time. Financial information flows much faster throughout Global Shop Solutions’ fully integrated system, allowing users to get reports, financial statements and other general ledger data quicker.
  • The Version Management System (VMS). An add-on to Global Shop Solutions’ patented Document Control ERP module, VMS offers several new security features to ensure data integrity on customer documents. These security features include storing files directly in the database, allowing multiple versions of a document to be stored simultaneously, and new individual and group security features. New check-in/check-out functionality enhances document integrity by making it impossible for two users to change a file at the same time.

“With the 2014.x series of releases, we’re augmenting the intrinsic functionality of our software with a large investment in the science of interface design,” said Chris Okamuro, chief technology officer for Global Shop Solutions. “The first product of our efforts is a new menu interface experience. By studying our customers' work patterns and incorporating their feedback, we produced a more efficient, faster and more aesthetically pleasing software interface. We plan to bring many more ergonomic and aesthetic improvements to the rest of the product over the next several releases.”

Global Shop Solutions is committed to continually improving our software,” added Alexander, “and we do that by listening to our customers. Recent satisfaction and importance surveys pointed to the need for a new design and better user experience, and we took that feedback to heart. Many of the new features and enhancements in Version 2014.1 came directly from customer ideas and requests.”

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