BedaBox Offers Bitcoin Users Retail Access

The website enables U.S. merchants to tap international markets, providing overseas shoppers access to American products


Deerfield Beach, Fla.Oct. 27, 2014—For international consumers, access to the U.S. products is often limited or overpriced. BedaBox, a new global commerce website that launched, is addressing the trade barrier between U.S. merchants and international consumers.

BedaBox provides a gateway for international consumers to purchase any American goods, literally from a book to a boat. The company works with international shoppers to purchase U.S. merchandise on their behalf and then ships it directly to them. However, international consumers aren’t its only target audience.

All bitcoin users (whether in the U.S. or abroad) and U.S. merchants also benefit from BedaBox. Thanks to the website’s bitcoin payment processing capability, bitcoin users gain new access to U.S.-based e-retailers. Further, U.S. merchants can expand their reach to tap new international markets.

“There is a void in global commerce that became apparent when I relocated to the United States,” BedaBox’s Founder and Executive Director Jan Bednar states. “As soon as I moved here, my friends in the Czech Republic were constantly asking me to buy and ship them merchandise. I started BedaBox to address this demand and cater to international consumers hungry for American goods. By accepting bitcoin, the company is also able to tap a viable market, here in the United States.”

BedaBox accepts multiple forms of payment. In addition to bitcoin, the website accepts PayPal, U.S. bank credit cards, Western Union transfers and affiliate payments (via an area representative). BedaBox currently operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Panama, Germany and the United States, fluently serving customers in their native languages. The company plans to expand customer service with native language fluencies to China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Argentina and Canada in 2015.

After winning two startup competitions with BedaBox, Bednar was recently accepted into Florida Atlantic University’s Tech Runway program. The new startup accelerator awarded him a $25,000 grant to further develop BedaBox with.