Research Firm SourcingLine Compiles List of Preeminent Big Data Companies

The research identifies leading big data analytics and business intelligence consulting companies and Hadoop consulting companies

WASHINGTON, March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SourcingLine published new research on leading big data consulting companies focused on data analytics and Hadoop consulting companies. The new research is accompanied by companion directories on big data companies and Hadoop companies. Each directory provides a range of filtering tools to help buyers identify firms that best meet their needs.

A number of comparable skills and clients overlap the big data analytics and Hadoop categories. As a result, several companies performed well across both pieces of research. The leading firms in these categories are cited below:

Big Data: Altoros, LatentView Analytics, CBIG Consulting, cBEYONData, Anthem Marketing Solutions, Pinnacle Solutions, Beyond the Arc, OpenBI, Denelogix - Information Management, Statistics Solutions, DataSelf, Visual BI Solutions, Kavi Associates, Datascope Analytics, and Abbott Analytics.

Hadoop: OpenBl, Altoros, Maestro Technologies, Business Data Miners, CBIG Consulting, WinterCorp, Datascope Analytics, Radoop and

"All of the selected companies focus primarily on big data analytics or Hadoop, and have proven they can provide tangible value to data-driven enterprises," stated Tim Clarke, Senior Business Analyst at SourcingLine. "However, it is often challenging for prospective buyers to devise a shortlist of leading firms. Our research aims to expedite the procurement process and help connect buyers with qualified services providers."

SourcingLine's effort to identify leading big data firms remains ongoing, and it encourages proven firms to apply to participate in its research updates. Upcoming publications will highlight top firms in complementary big data areas.

About SourcingLine:

SourcingLine is a Washington, DC-based research firm focused on IT and digital marketing services. We provide independent, quantitative analysis on leading services firms to support procurement decisions in small, medium and large enterprises. We publish the top-ranked, independent analysis of mobile application developers, among other categories. Our services research leverages a proprietary framework known as the Leaders Matrix, which maps firms' focus areas and their ability to deliver.

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