AEB Releases Latest Version of ASSIST4 Monitoring & Alerting

ASSIST4 Monitoring & Alerting now comes with a new messaging framework and enhanced tracking features

SingaporeJune 6, 2014AEB, a provider of information technology (IT) solutions for global trade and logistics, announced a new version of the ASSIST4 Monitoring & Alerting solution. This latest version offers business flexibility and optimal performance for businesses through its new messaging framework and enhanced tracking features. ASSIST4 Monitoring & Alerting is part of AEB’s Visibility & Collaboration Platform, which ensures transparency and helps synchronize events along the supply chain, enhancing collaboration and control, and with the platform architecture, allowing a centralized approach across the globe.

“We are looking at the latest version of ASSIST4 Monitoring & Alerting as a conduit for businesses to benefit through improved transparency across shipments and the flow of goods, and from features that optimize interactions with their customers, partners and service providers,” said Thomas Halliday, general manager, AEB (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.

Key Features of ASSIST4 Monitoring & Alerting

  • The solution’s new messaging feature automatically generates text or email alerts when pre-defined events occur.
  • Businesses can notify the consignee when the goods are issued, email customs documents to the customs broker when shipments are ready, generate text alerts when delays in the supply chain occur and more.
  • The software features a message cockpit in which all text and email alerts are logged. ASSIST4 Monitoring & Alerting lets businesses attach various document types to business objects where they can be downloaded by all supply chain partners. This may be useful if a business wishes to make customs documents available in advance for the import customs clearance.
  • The software now also features an enhanced authorization concept that allows role-based access to business object attachments, so that only users with one or more defined roles can view a particular document.
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