Fabricating.com Launches Easy RFQ Feature

e-Sourcing is now as easy as sending an email, while keeping information secure and facilitating the comparison of quotes

Hoboken, N.J.April 24, 2014Fabricating.com announced the launch of its time-saving Easy RFQ feature. This new option makes online e-sourcing as quick as sending an email, while keeping information secure and allowing easy comparison of quotes.

“We know buyers are pressed for time and need to focus on their core, income-generating business responsibilities—that’s why we created Easy RFQ,” said Frank Russo, CEO of Fabricating.com.

With the Easy RFQ feature, Fabricating.com streamlined the sourcing process even further. Buyers simply enter a few key pieces of information, attach a drawing or CAD file, and let Fabricating.com locate the U.S.-based manufacturer with the expertise and machine assets needed for the job.

"We ensure that the job is precisely matched to the U.S. manufacturers with the exact capabilities required," said Russo. “Take a minute to consider the entire package. Buyers receive quotes from new and relevant suppliers, easily compare them, and quickly identify the best match. Archived request for quotations (RFQs) and historical data are always at our buyers’ fingertips."

Since its launch in 2012, Fabricating.com has provided sourcing efficiency for American-made custom parts. Membership entails no technology investments and its cloud-based SourceNow platform requires only an Internet connection.

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