Facilitate Manufacturing Transformation with the Industrial Internet

New software allows manufacturers to meet strategic objectives of quality, responsiveness and increased capacity

Charlottesville, Va.April 18, 2014GE Intelligent Platforms announced updates to its suite of Proficy Manufacturing software. These solutions were designed specifically to meet the strategic objectives of today’s manufacturers as they transform their operations to meet the new realities of business potential enabled by the industrial Internet. New capabilities are currently shipped in the company’s Proficy OEE, Plant Applications, Scheduler, Open Enterprise, Vision, Datamart and Tracker software applications, as well as Proficy for Manufacturing Discrete.

Proficy software provides users with the most comprehensive solutions for continuous improvement initiatives with a focus on quality, responsiveness to customer demands, and execution to increase production capacity and efficiency. According to a recent poll by LNS Research, manufacturing executives pegged the following imperatives as strategic:

  • 66 percent said consistent quality.
  • 56 percent said responsiveness to customer demands.
  • 49 percent said increasing production capacity and capabilities.

“Proficy Manufacturing applications are robust, scalable tools that help manufacturers have better visibility across the business/plant floor,” said Don Busiek, general manager of manufacturing software for GE Intelligent Platforms. “And, all of the updates are driven by our customers as we constantly seek their input into our design process.”

All Proficy software provides out-of-the-box solutions, making it easy and for customers to deploy and see value quickly. And, the platform is designed to ultimately enable manufacturing stability through harmonized supply chain, marketing and innovation within the plant.

“The transformation of the manufacturing process today is driven by the explosion of data from today’s connected machines, enabled by the industrial Internet,” said Busiek. “This data can help improve both the top and bottom line of a business, improving customer service, shortening lead times, and improving production performance and operations efficiently, all while avoiding costly mistakes.”

The Proficy Manufacturing software solutions take the information that is scattered throughout the organization, where interrelationships are difficult to understand and sometimes out of date, and provide a common way to navigate with timely and relevant insight, and easy access enabled by the industrial Internet.  

“The challenges of manufacturers today—produce products faster, reduce work in progress (WIP), maintain tight control on quality, streamline the supply chain, reduce warranty costs—are pervasive globally,” concluded Busiek. “Our goal is to enable manufacturers to enable their operators to be more efficient, more productive and their businesses to be more profitable. Proficy addresses their business drivers—balancing production workloads, reduce rework, meet regulatory constraints, collaborate across an extended enterprise and build right the first time, among others.”

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