LLamasoft Introduces K2 Enterprise Supply Chain Design

K2 Enterprise to elevate supply chain modeling and design to an enterprise-wide collaborative design and knowledge management environment

Ann Arbor, Mich.Oct. 25, 2013LLamasoft, a global provider of supply chain design software solutions, announced the release of the K2 Enterprise technology platform, offered both on-premise or on-demand in the cloud, to elevate supply chain modeling and design from a personal workstation function to an enterprise-wide collaborative design and knowledge management environment.

Developed to support supply chain design centers of excellence and global design teams, K2 Enterprise enables improvements in:

  • Speed. Centralized supply chain data and automated model building functionality enable faster model building and more rapid analysis turnaround.
  • Scalability. Distributed design engines (solvers) can be set up in clusters on robust internal hardware or in the LLamasoft cloud to enable analysts to run massive models and large numbers of what-if scenarios.
  • Security. A centralized database with role-based user access to models and data sets protects sensitive corporate data.
  • Knowledge management. The storage of all supply chain design project documentation and models enables quick-search capabilities and retention of lessons learned.

"Much like PLM for product design, K2 Enterprise enables supply chain design to become a more efficient and effective corporate process," said Toby Brzoznowski, the executive vice president of LLamasoft. "Scaling to model real-life supply chain behavior, retaining corporate knowledge, and enabling collaboration throughout the organization will help companies compete and win through their supply chain designs."

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