SumAll Enhances Data Visualization with Sales Payment Data from Authorize.Net

Integration allows for on- and off-line analytics and provides view of shopper habits

New York, N.Y.Oct. 25, 2012SumAll, a visual analytics and business intelligence tool, added a new dimension to its platform through the integration of Authorize.Net, a provider of payment gateway services. By integrating credit card payment sales data information, SumAll now gives its users the ability to analyze their customer behavior across all aspects of their business—from their online sites with their Web analytics and social media data to include their brick-and-mortar locations.

“Our users have been clear—Authorize.Net has been top of their list and we’re delighted to be able to deliver this powerful integration,” said Dane Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer, SumAll. “Payments data is now presented side by side with their existing analytics to bring business results evaluations full circle. In a previous life, I ran my business with Authorize.Net and used to cut and paste information from daily emails into a spreadsheet—all the while knowing there must be a better way.”

With the new payments integration, SumAll provides an even higher level of insight and value. Data from both the physical and virtual worlds are brought provides a real-time, 360-degree view of operational activity. Site visits, online/offline purchases, promotion strategy and shopper loyalty can be analyzed across a broad range of variables to help businesses maximize revenue over both the short and long term.

“As a manufacturer we largely serve our wonderful customers through boutiques around the states,” said Julian Schlaver, Chief Financial Officer, Angelrox. “With the Authorize.Net integration, we're now able to visualize all aspects of our business in a single place. As a small and fast-growing business we don't have a lot of time for self reflection, being able to quickly see where we are and what the trend lines are has made an amazing difference and is helping us find those wellsprings of energy we need to keep on working seven days a week.’’

Currently, the average SumAll user spends 35 minutes a day with the tool and the numbers tracked are scaling nicely. SumAll tracks over 10 billion visits, more than a billion dollars in sales and tracks more than half a billion objects in the database. Its free, real-time data dashboard enabling the integration of multiple data sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, PayPal and more.