Procurian Acquires UAI to Expand Energy Solution

Procurian Active Energy Management solution helps clients achieve sustainability goals

Philadelphia—August 6, 2012—Procurement solutions provider Procurian acquired Utilities Analyses, Inc. (UAI), an energy management firm which focuses on comprehensive supply-side services that help clients cut utility costs and achieve ongoing savings in both regulated and deregulated environments.

Integrating UAI’s energy supply-side capabilities with Procurian’s existing demand-side capabilities creates Procurian Energy which provides an independent, end-to-end energy management solution that identifies, maximizes and sustains savings and efficiencies. Procurian Energy leverages 30 energy specialists who utilize proprietary market intelligence to manage three billion dollars of energy spend across more than 60 clients.

Specifically, UAI applies current pricing intelligence from its proprietary national and global rate database, that leverages 300,000 monthly client invoices, as well as an unequaled tariff database to uncover, negotiate and ensure realization of bottom-line savings.

“We are committed to continuously building out our deep and specialized capabilities to help companies more effectively manage indirect and other under-resourced areas of spend,” said Carl Guarino, Chief Executive Officer, Procurian. “The cost of energy will continue to rise and is often cited as a top three operating expense within companies—yet this spend is often undermanaged due to complexity and fragmentation across the organization. The integration of UAI’s supply-side capabilities with Procurian’s demand-side capabilities creates a complete solution that not only helps clients maximize and sustain cost reduction opportunities but also achieve sustainability goals.”

With this acquisition, Procurian Energy can help clients:

  • Reduce demand through more efficient operating practices and equipment (which often qualify for hard-dollar incentives)
  • Reduce overall energy supply costs and pricing risk through intelligence-driven procurement and tariff analysis
  • Preserve and improve savings by going beyond short-term energy audits and providing ongoing expert monitoring, analysis and management


“We believe that leveraging market intelligence across an integrated supply and demand management process is the key to maximizing and sustaining energy cost reductions,” said Chad Gottesman, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Procurian Energy. “For example, our experts measure usage at a very granular level and apply benchmarks to find and implement demand reduction opportunities. If we can reduce energy usage by even a small percentage, we can then apply our tariff benchmarks and expertise to drive even lower rates so clients save through lower consumption and lower unit costs. Then we continue to actively monitor and manage demand over time to ensure that usage does not trend back upwards and erode savings.”

Procurian’s Active Energy Management solution—part of its Specialized Procurement Infrastructure—provides its customers access to all the components necessary to optimize indirect spend on a global basis, including a dedicated team of specialists with deep category expertise, real-time market intelligence, comprehensive processes and a sophisticated set of proprietary tools and technology.