MarketLive launches Content Experience Manager

eCommerce product optimizes content to create a differentiated customer experience and drive long-term growth

Petaluma, Calif.—June 6, 2012— Enterprise-class ecommerce software and solutions provider MarketLive launched MarketLive Content Experience Manager, an integrated product that uniquely enables and optimizes content to deliver a differentiated shopping experience. 

Through the MarketLive Content Experience Manager, merchants gain new efficiencies and raise their brand’s search engine relevance. It also helps merchants improve customer engagement, lower barriers to purchase and boost repeat site visits to build customer loyalty and lower customer service costs. 

It is no longer enough for retailers online to be strictly merchants.  Even integrating product specific content such as product details and ratings and reviews simply falls short.  To effectively connect with a brand’s core market and stay relevant, merchants must inform and inspire shoppers with the same insight that informs and inspires them.  Today, the most sophisticated merchants are weaving in buyer’s guides, how-to instructions, use ideas, care information, lifestyle information and more throughout customer experience. However, integrating this syndicated information maintained in traditional open source content management systems is a serious and rising challenge.

The MarketLive Content Experience Manager offers a breakthrough solution to all of these challenges.  The ecommerce software solution eliminates the need for third-party content management systems and strategically optimizes product information with value-added, non-product content throughout the customer experience. In addition, it delivers personalized content precisely when the customer needs it.  The rules-based intelligence engine that drives content merchandising dramatically reduces the time and cost required for merchants to elegantly connect products and content.

“MarketLive’s customers are authentic, their connection with their customers is real and the story behind their products is inspiring,” said Mark Pierce, Chief Executive Officer of MarketLive. “To remain competitive and to differentiate from the largest retailers like Amazon, specialty retailers and brands must start now in developing the skills and competency of a publisher as well as a merchant.  Those that do stand to win big.”

The MarketLive Content Experience Manager provides ready resources and tooling for optimized content implementation, giving merchants more control over content as well as broadening their ability to do more with it. It lowers site management and merchandising costs and leverages existing content investments. The product is highly configurable across multiple devices and channels including social and mobile.