SAP Announces New Wave of Mobile Apps

B2B and B2C mobile apps increase worker efficiency, enhance consumer experience and enable commerce transactions

Orlando, Fla.—May 14, 2012— Enterprise application software provider SAP AG announced a new wave of mobile apps designed to help people be more efficient and provide real-time mobile access to human resources (HR), sustainability, finance, sales and mobile commerce functions. This includes updated versions of existing SAP mobile apps available on more mobile platforms, including Android and RIM BlackBerry.

SAP is following through on its commitment to deliver innovative, engaging mobile apps for millions of people," said Sanjay Poonen, President, head of Mobile Division, SAP. “With mobile serving as a major part of daily life, it is a top priority for most businesses that seek to simplify daily tasks for employees and their customers. SAP is leading the charge for businesses to run better with stunning, easy-to-use mobile apps that can manage and analyze today's explosion of data—bringing business to people.”

The SAP Travel Expense Report mobile app allows business travelers to easily create expense reports from a mobile device. For example, users can save time by adding corporatecredit card charges or quickly taking a photo of a receipt to submit expenses with a few clicks directly from a restaurant.

The SAP Learning Assistant mobile app accesses the SAP Learning Solution and allows learners to explore available learning content, manage course bookings and download and play e-learning content online in a range of formats right from their iPads. Learners can view personal notifications for expiring and required qualifications, as well as the recommended courses to fulfill them on time. Employees who to consume learning content off-site can now do so quickly and easily even in unconnected mode.

For sales executives the SAP Customer Briefing mobile app provides a real-time dashboard to help prepare them for customer interactions. This allows immediate access to critical client data in an easily consumable format. The app provides real-time visibility to internal customer relationship management (CRM) data, as well as external business, and news sources, while on the road. Sales professionals can easily view customer information in a visual format, helping ensure they are exceptionally well prepared for every customer meeting.

Companies focused on improving safety will have faster visibility to problems with the SAP EHS Safety Issue mobile app. Workers can log issues from their mobile device with a photo or video, as well as an audio recording, and send it directly to an incident or safety manager for corrective action. The app makes it easy for everyone to participate in creating a safer, more sustainable work environment and proactively reduce operational risks.

Bringing mobile commerce to consumers and businesses

With billions of mobile apps downloaded to date and hundreds of millions of mobile commerce users worldwide, what people do with their mobile devices is changing. SAP is supporting this monumental shift through its mobile customer engagement and commerce platform for banking, telecommunications, utilities, retail and consumer packaged goods. The mobile commerce portfolio from Sybase 365 is a key component of the SAP mobile platform for powering highly productive business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) mobile apps and services, including:

  • Sybase 365 Mobile Banking: This enables subscribers to pay, buy, bank and remit money with any mobile device. It allows an end user to use his mobile phone as a micro bank, performing all banking tasks where instant information is important, such as inquiring about account balances, configuring notifications to receive account activity, paying bills, person-to-person (P2P) money transfers and applying for new products. This solution is available in retail, small to midsize business and corporate mobile banking editions.
  • Sybase 365 Mobile Payments: This enables people to leverage a mobile wallet solution to pay bills and loans, make domestic P2P payments to known and unknown beneficiaries, remit money, top-up and pay for goods and services. The solution includes all the tools and services for managing merchants and for emerging markets managing agent networks.
  • Sybase 365 Mobile Money: This enables financial institutions to offer a branchless financial inclusion service that allows them to offer financial products to un-banked and under-banked customer segments entirely through the mobile device. For the end user, mobile money supports money transfers, balance inquiries, bill payments, cash in/cash out via agents and self-service machines, as well as micro-payments and loan repayments. For bank agents, it offers a full suite of customer enrollment, KYC (Know Your Customer) details, reports, fee tracking and much more.


SAP app expansion

SAP continues to evolve and build the mobile app ecosystem with updated features and expanded platform availability to existing apps including:

  • SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet mobile app, allowing sales representatives or account executives to check the system financial status of their customers anywhere and anytime, is now available on iPad and Android 2.2 or later.
  • SAP Payment Approvals mobile app, helping ensure the liquidity of a company by approving payments anywhere and anytime, is now available on Android 2.2 or later.
  • SAP Electronic Medical Record mobile app, putting critical patient information in the hands of doctors, providing them with instant access to the electronic medical records at a patient's bedside, is now available on Android 3.2 and iPhone.
  • SAP GRC Policy Survey mobile app, allowing employees to receive, complete and submit governance, risk and compliance (GRC) policy surveys, quizzes and acknowledgements, is now available on iPad.
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