3Delta Systems Announces Payment WorkSuite Upgrades

3DSI’s Payment WorkSuite now offers private-label features and additional capabilities

Chantilly, Va.—April 17, 2012—Payment solutions company 3Delta Systems Inc.’s recent upgrade to its Payment WorkSuite card processing platform enables clients to apply private-label branding features to showcase their own company's identity.

This upgrade will allow partners and resellers to personalize the look and feel of Payment WorkSuite's EC-Navigator— its online application command and control center—by adding their own logo, applying select color schemes or extending their brand with a deeper level of customization for seamless consistency across a company's Web presence. Merchants will have the value-added option of branding their browser's look-and-feel as well as applying their logo to customer receipts and emailed confirmations of payment transactions.

“Since launching Payment WorkSuite a year ago, we heard from organizations of all sizes that differentiated branding is increasingly important to their online presence," said Aaron Bills, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 3Delta Systems. “What makes our private labeling unique is the degree to which our customers can choose the level of personalization or customization they want in order to visibly promote their brands with their customers. Based on their participation level, our partners and resellers will now able to apply their brand in such a way that EC-Navigator looks and functions more like a natural extension of their own Website. Smaller merchants can take advantage of an option that provides basic branding flexibility, while enterprises with multiple subsidiaries can integrate a high degree of customization without spending significant time, money or effort to ensure the continuity and impact of their corporate brand.”

Payment WorkSuite customers will have a range of private-labeling tiers from which to choose, including basic, semi-custom and custom.

  • At the basic participation level, partners and resellers will be able to add their logo to a standard color scheme on EC-Navigator, while merchants can add their own logo to transaction receipts issued to their customers.
  • Partners, resellers and merchants who select the semi-custom option will be able to add their company logo to EC-Navigator and choose from one of three color palettes to display on EC-Navigator.
  • Those who choose the custom level will have all the features of the semi-custom tier plus the ability to apply a corporate-specific URL to access EC-Navigator and the option of using either their own brand colors or the built-in color schemes.