Deacom Releases ERP V14.3

ERP platform designed to enhance warehouse operations

Pictured: Updated master production calendar capability of Deacom 14.3 ERP software system.
Pictured: Updated master production calendar capability of Deacom 14.3 ERP software system.

Wayne, Pa.—March 27, 2012— Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developer Deacom Inc. released a new version of the DEACOM ERP software system: Deacom 14.3. New capabilities in the updated version improve current function efficiency and added capabilities to boost client’s warehouse operations.

Additionally, changes in the inventory management and quality control (QC) functionalities include a global unit of measure table; a master production calendar for job scheduling; new lot location capabilities; master lots and container tracking for license plating.

“The new version contains a lot of new features—particularly in the inventory management and scheduling areas—that I am excited for our customers to get their hands on,” said Scott Deakins, Software Operations Manager for Deacom. “The release is a great example of how Deacom’s development learning cycle creates functionality that benefits our entire customer base.”

Deacom supplies software upgrades to its existing clients at no charge which equips Deacom’s customers with software that allows them to adapt quickly to the evolving marketplace.

Tool additions

Deacom has also released two new supporting tools to the DEACOM ERP software system: a user acceptance test script and a DEACOM help system. The user acceptance test script will assist customers with the testing of critical business functionality in all new DEACOM build releases.

“The test script is designed to validate the critical business processes performed by a majority of customers in the DEACOM system,” said Joe Gannon, Documentation & QC Specialist at Deacom. “The script also provides a model for developing additional tests specific to a customer’s process and serves as a collaboration tool for diagnosing possible issues for future versions.”

The new DEACOM Web-based help system provides supporting documents on the main DEACOM application, the warehouse management system and the DEACOM API library.

“The key feature of the new Web-based help system is real time updating,” Gannon explained. “All Deacom support and development team members can add or modify content as needed allowing customers to view the updates in a matter of minutes.”

DEACOM University will hold two courses in April in conjunction with the 14.3 release. These courses will demo the new Master Production Calendar (April 18 to 19) and provide an overview of the new Unit of Measure, Lot Location & Master Lot functionality (April 31 to May 1).