MCA Solutions Beefs up Forecasting Capabilities in Service Parts Planning Solution

SPO 5.1 adds "what-if" simulation capabilities, greater product lifecycle support

SPO 5.1 adds "what-if" simulation capabilities, greater product lifecycle support

Philadelphia — January 11, 2006 — Service parts solution provider MCA Solutions has launched the newest version of its Service Planning and Optimization software suite, beefing up the solution's forecasting capabilities and adding "what-if" simulation and greater product lifecycle support.

MCA said that version 5.1 of SPO extends the applicability of the solution to distribution-centric environments, giving planners greater visibility with seasonal and trend forecasting capabilities, as well as adding a variety of user-defined planning scenarios to compare the cost, service and budget impact of long- and short-term business decisions across the service product lifecycle.

According to the solution provider, SPO 5.1's forecasting capabilities now allow planners in distribution-intensive environments to incorporate trend, seasonal and service-specific pick-best forecasting to help best position inventory and parts to meet service level agreements (SLAs), lower costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Enhanced workflow supports provisioning that can be used in new product introduction and initial provisioning of contracts. It can also be used for improving lifecycle management, MCA said.

Configurable, multi-period budget reporting capabilities allow planners to analyze new buy and repair requirements and cash flows over user-defined periods, driving increased revenue to the bottom line, the solution provider said.

In addition, SPO 5.1 includes beefed-up what-if capabilities, evaluating the business impact of specified changes in the service supply network for more intelligent and effective business decisions and allowing improved analysis and negotiation of service contracts, according to MCA.

Elsewhere, version 5.1 plans parts requirements for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, integrating information concerning maintenance schedules, equipment operating parameters and part-specific data to determine optimal stocking levels.

Finally, MCA said that SPO 5.1 has been developed to handle the largest service problems, with implementations of more than 200 million part locations in production and models tested to plan more than 10,000 locations.

MCA Solutions' SPO 5.1 suite is available now.

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